The Power Of A First Impression

A first impression leaves a lasting mark. This could be the first impression you make at a job interview, the first impression a new product makes on you, leading you to purchase it, the first impression from a website and so on. First impressions are powerful. It dictates how a person feels. A bad first impression will leave a sour taste in your mouth whereas a good first impression will leave you happy. Psychology and science can help explain why this is the case. This article will use two examples of first impressions to showcase the power it has. One example is first impressions made online, and the other is offline or in person. As you’re reading, consider how both of these are powerful in their way.

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Online first impressions

Some online sources will leave more of a lasting impression than others. One of the best examples of a first online impression is that of a business’ website. Potential customers will often meet your company online first. Be transparent with what the philosophies and values are that the company’s groundwork is laid on. If you are a marketing agency, showcase some of your client’s success online. A good first impression is a top priority for a business, as it means new customers. Websites built with SEO in mind will fare better in search engine result pages than others. Thus, a website that’s on the first page SERPs will leave a better impression than one that is on page 50. SEO services can help people reach the first page of search engines. Chances are people won’t scroll to page 50 to even find the website at that point. Companies’ websites are powerful tools for first impressions, as that first reaction will make people decide whether they want to work there or hire the company.

Furthermore, people can make a decision based on the images they see on social media. Social media can be used by prospective employers to see what a potential employee is like. It is the cause of a lot of first impressions, particularly when it comes to strangers. Whether it’s a photo posted on Facebook or Instagram, even if it is twitter post, it is out there for the world to see. Consider what you write about and think before you post, as everything you post reflects back on you. Even if you may not think so, strangers can form an opinion about you based on merely an image and a text they see online. The same principle applies to an item they see on social media, forming an opinion based on the image and text alone.

Offline or in-person

The more widely known first impression is the one that people make in person. This can be between people or even between a person and an item in a store. That Hawaiian shirt you saw in a store awhile back must have made an impression on you for you to buy it. Plus, first impressions are equally powerful among people. They can either invoke a sense of professionalism, or you can appear sluggish. If you go to a job interview wearing a gym shirt and sweatpants, chances are, you won’t be taken seriously. That’s how a first impression works. It affects how people will view you after the fact.

It only takes a few seconds for someone or something to make an impression on you. That is why, it’s whether it’s a website, a person’s attire, social media content or other, it’s important to consider what that first impression you are leaving is. First impressions are incredibly powerful, and it dictates a lot of decisions people make. Whether it’s the decision to be-friend someone or purchase something in a store, that first impression is crucial.