Privacy in the Age of UGC

There are so many posts about how young people give away too much information about themselves with social networking and user generated content sites.

The amount of data collected by services like Facebook and MySpace is immense. At no point in history has so much personal information and content been aggregated and shared in the fashion that these types of services make possible. Online privacy has been a hot-button issue for some time, but the evercreepier assaults on privacy (like Facebook’s Project Beacon) have created ever-stronger calls for more online privacy laws and protections.

While I really think people have to be conscious about what they post, but I think we really have to try and understand that the younger generations are not like old ones. These dudes and dudettes have grown up being more expressive and are OK with information being available.

Sometimes there is something to be said for people who have full transparency – it’s the old concept of the devils I do know about are better than the devils you don’t know about!