Remote Control: The Right Tech To Make Your Business Exist Completely Remotely

You are only as good as the people you hire, and when you hire remote workers, there is an element of leaving it all up to chance. You are trying to find the right people who are self-starters, self-sufficient, and can benefit without micromanaging. But once you find the right people, it’s about ensuring the business is able to exist on a self-sufficient basis in a remote manner. As such, it’s not just about the skills you employ, but it’s about the tools you use. Let’s give you a run through of some of the most useful traits any remote team can benefit from, as well as the best tech and tools associated with this.

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When you hire the right people, you’ve got to ensure that they are able to thrive on their own initiative. And while a lot of remote working can seem a very individualistic process, you’ve still got to ensure that you have the right people that can work in a team, despite this barrier being created by distance. When you look for the right people, you can use the right HR software to interview candidates remotely, which gives them, and yourself, an idea of how you’d all work together. After this, you’ve got to find the right tools for everybody to collaborate. These days it’s never been easier, through GitHub if you are working with code, Screenhero can help with remote pair programming, and even Google Drive is an incredibly underused component of collaboration. It gives you the option to share documents, comment, as well as suggest numerous notes that are there for everybody to see. It’s also a fantastic file sharing tool.


To ensure that you are communicating with your team effectively, you’ve got to find the right methods. Communication isn’t just about sending an email across, but it’s about ensuring they are organized enough, and you are able to focus on the tasks that need doing right now. But while it can take some time to find your flow of managing people from a remote location, finding the right communication tools, whether this is Zoom or Skype, these programs can give you the opportunity to access videoconferencing, but can work on numerous devices. Slack is another one, because this can integrate into other bots that are available. Communication is all about transparency, and there are many tools that work on numerous platforms now.


Structuring your day is just as important. There are so many project management tools out there now, from Trello to Recordit, which can let you record your screen, instead of sending an email or a visual annotation. This is a great way to communicate bugs, explain a request in more detail, or just highlight something that needs doing right away. Organization is pivotal in any remote team, and this is why the best tools need to be in abundance. The three areas that you need to specialize in are collaboration, communication, and organization. As such, this is why you need to prepare the best tools beforehand. If you want your business to exist remotely, it’s time to get it together.