Revamp These Marketing Strategies To See Success

There are certain marketing strategies that seem as though they are past their due by date. We are sure that you have a few in mind that might feel as though they no longer quite fit in with the modern requirements of society and that’s understandable. However, in this guide, we’re going to show how marketing techniques are never truly dead and buried. They can still work. You just need to explore a new approach. Here are some of the key examples. 

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Email Marketing 

First, you should think about email marketing and you have probably heard about the main issue with this type of promotion. Emails are rarely ever opened for marketing purposes. Most research suggests that the open rate is less than 50%. That’s not great but you need to think about why emails aren’t open. Usually, it’s because users either assume that the email isn’t going to provide real value or be relevant to them. So, you have to get more personal and hook them in. A huge part of this is the subject line. It needs to grab their attention before they have a chance to send the mail to the junk folder. 

Direct Mail 

You might be worried that direct mail marketing is going to be perceived as spam. While this might be a possibility, it’s all about approaching it the right way. Remember, it will only be viewed as spam if you’re not reaching the right audience. That’s why you need to use the best service to ensure that your marketing connects with people who will be interested in your products and services. 


Keywords have become a negative concept as of late. The reason for this is that Google is getting a little picky about how you use keywords. Make the wrong mistake here and you could be hit with a penalty. But you can still benefit by targeting what people are searching for. However, instead of targeting specific keywords, target the questions they are asking instead. A lot of users are asking questions when they search online because they’re using voice control devices. This is particularly true for the crucial demographic that is under thirty and searching online. 

Social Media 

Finally, even social media can seem outdated if you are using it the wrong way. Ideally, you need to follow the 80:20 rule here. This ultimately means that 80% of the content that you share and post through social media should provide real value to business owners. The rest can be pure promotion but it should be subtle enough that it doesn’t feel like a specific marketing pitch. You should always try to provide value by making content interesting or engaging. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the key ways that you can revamp past marketing techniques to ensure that they are successful for you in the future. If you take the right steps here, then you won’t have any issues putting your business where it needs to be in the eyes of your users.