Review of James Schramko’s “How to destroy your website for $5”

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English: In Car Footage from a Van Diemen RF01 driven by Micheal Fitzgerald Cork Racing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My first take on James’s article was frustration…I mis-guessed his intention – I thought he was referring to fiverr.  Was I wrong.

“So I’ve seen an alarming trend when we get to do website reviews. Sometimes, we see figures that just don’t add up. Now, if our team of Research and Development officers can detect that a website has got unnatural trends then I’m sure that Google can too. So what am I talking about here?

What can you get for $5?

If you go along to some of the very popular sites where you can buy services from around, let’s say $5, you’ll see that you can now order 70,000 YouTube views for just $5. You can get 20,000 backlinks for just $5. You can get in front of 151,000 Twitter users for just $5. You can get 10 EDU backlinks, full follow, for just $5.”

James couldn’t be more right on this one…there is no excuse for leveraging cheap labor and cheap sites to get “ahead”.  I have been in organizations where they tried to use tricks and gimmicks to get rankings, and it worked for a little while.  Then – it crashed.  hard.

So listen to James:  “we do is everything by hand. We hand research. We hand create the content. We hand place it on carefully curated and looked-after sites, not spammy junky sites. So that’s what we do that’s different and I’m assuring you that there’s a big difference between cheap and good.”

If you argree – check out his blag at