Samsung Series 3 Chromebox


  • Intel Core™ processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 16GB Hard Drive
  • Intel HD Graphics
  • Wifi
  • Google Chrome OS


Samsung joins the ranks for Asus and HP with a chromebox.  This is a great little machines if you have a monitor from an old computer.

The Intel processor and the 4 GB of RAM make it peppy and with built in wifi it is easy to connect.

The price is on the high side of chromebox’s at $290.  But the quality of Samsung’s product line cannot be denied.

The best thing about the ChromeOS line has to be the Chrome Web Store. There are so many chrome extensions available that are of no cost to the user.  The chrome app experience is so good (they could use a little UI help with the store – but once you get used to it, it works well).  With a traditional desktop and laptops – you must go any buy software…either in a store or go to a site and download it.  This is not how Google’s ChromeOS works.  Its more like the Apple App Store.

If it is in the app store – it is automatically compatible too.  So you don’t have to decide which version is for you.  With a Chromebox, if you want a new functionality, search for it in the Web Store, add it to your browser quickly, and if it doesn’t work right or you just don’t like it, delete it. It’s similar to Android, except even with Android you still have to download the applications onto your phone.

Remember – you can choose to connect this computer to a standard computer display or take it to the living room and connect it to your large screen TV.

samsung-chromebox-03-02Samsung Series 3 Chromebox Reviews:

“For a guy like me, these are dream machines.”

“For the past few months, I’d been looking for a new home computer to replace my aging MacBook Pro. As I began to consider my options and take an inventory of how me and my wife were using our home computer, I began to realize that a Chromebox might be a good option for us.”

“After an evening of unboxing, cording and oohing and aahing, my new desktop Chrome OS computer is up, running and keeping me fully productive.”

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