Search News: Google Throws Lifeline to Penalized Websites!

There is now concrete evidence to indicate that search giant Google is intervening in selected cases to assist webmasters in bringing their websites out of penalty as a result of breeching Google’s quality guidelines.

SEO forums and blogs have been revealing some amazing developments regarding unprecedented action undertaken by The Google Quality Search Team. Webmasters have been sharing their stories among various communities about being contacted via their personal or business email from a Google employee outlining the nature of their penalty along with steps to assist people to fix penalty issues.

Until now, such interventions were non-existent and the frustration among the web community for effected webmasters has been building over recent years resulting in a combined state of resentment towards Google for imposing crushing website penalties with little or no real way to seek proper help other than from the support forum, which often leads to more confusion and wider speculation for determining the root of a particular penalty.

Finally, There is Hope
If you’ve given up on trying to bring your website out of penalty, Google is offering a lifeline for those webmasters who are prepared to speak the truth and to spill any information they can about any deceptive SEO practices they have been involved in. By doing this you are also providing data to Google to help them stamp out more spam.

Submitting Your Reconsideration Request
By undertaking this vital step, you will need to submit much more than a plea for help! Even if you are not 100% certain about the reason you have attracted a penalty, you’ll need to come up with a few theories before Google will respond. And by this I mean, let’s say for example, that you have been participating in an SEO blog network or some similar link scheme, you’ll need to ultimately sell-out the blog network to Google by divulging any inorganic back links you have acquired. This is only the first step!

Step 2 will require you to take measures to remove these back links by providing evidence to Google that you have taken steps to remove these links: Don’t bother writing to Google telling them “it’s going to take too much time to remove all these links” that’s the best way to get ignored. Don’t even send off any reconsideration request until you have devised a strategy to remove inorganic links AND you have actioned this strategy. Then you’ll need to wait a couple of months for Google to crawl all the sites that used to link to you so The Google Quality Search Team can see concrete changes have taken place.

From my experience, even if you get it wrong with your own assessment of what brought about the penalty in the first place, the fact that you have shown an act of good faith is when you’ll likely receive a manual intervention from a Google employee.  Even though Google has finally taken this step to get involved in the recovery process, in order to comply, you’ll need to take unprecedented actions of good faith to have your penalty reversed.