SEO 101: How One Tweet Doubled Traffic for a Forum in a Day

Should forums rank better in the SERPs than they do? Maybe, maybe not. One thing is for sure (and it’s absolutely sure for anybody that’s in the SEO business), and it’s that even if you don’t find what you are looking for in the SERPs (when you are trying to research something) then you should definitely do some research in the forums.

Now there are all sorts of SEO forums out there. There are ones like the warrior forum, wicked fire, Digital Point and so on and so forth.

SEO 101: Can one tweet make an impact?

One forum that recently has been the talk of the town is Traffic Planet. It all started with one Tweet from Dan Thies – who was talking about the deindexing of blog networks that lead to the eventual collapse and shut down of the link building company.

Dan Thies’s tweet ended up ticking off some SEO’s out there that then decided that they were going to make a point.

Here there is a never-ending thread (I had to unsubscribe from it due to way many email alerts) about Negative SEO. There is a negative SEO case study documented by the member named “Jammy” that told the community how he and some others started doing negative SEO on DanThies’s site.

Then, not too much longer later, there was a new member that joined named (appropriately) “negative SEO” that gave away some compelling strategies on how he tanked rankings using negative SEO rankings.

Side note: Obviously I am not condoning his tactics, it’s just crazy that that kind of stuff works and that there is actually a market for it. Kind of shady and I think that the real point he missed throughout the whole conversation is that just because something is not illegal doesn’t mean it’s not wrong.

For results, check that thread post out. This thread, as well as negative SEO, has been well documented in the past few weeks. Here are some links to articles that covered the story.

Back to the tweet that doubled traffic…

So one could say that Dan Thies’s tweet is what started it all out, but the tweet that really skyrocketed the action was one made by Rand Fishkin, the owner and founder of

He was talking about the thread that referenced above. What he did was open up his site for an open attack with Negative SEO. He wanted to see if it could actually work so he put as well as his personal blog up for Negative SEO Grabs.

That lead to this crazy spike in traffic for the forum Traffic Planet.
The forum was getting more and more hits every single day and generated tons of natural links because of all the activity.

So you see, a controversial topic + a few tweets by some of the main players in SEO resulted in trafficplanet doubling in unique visitors in one day and then maintaining that traffic from then on.

SEO 101: The conclusion:

The traffic will probably (well maybe) tail off in the days to come but it definitely benefited from the social powers of twitter. Miraculously however, the thread still rankings relatively poorly for the term “Negative SEO”.

This is an article provided by Andrew Gay – Huntingdon Life Sciences Marketing Director. SEO topics are interesting, and it is definitely interesting to see how social media effects SEO.