SEO Basics: Off Page SEO

So most people who have a blog or website, they have heard of SEO, search engine optimization…but it usually thought of as an online activity.  But what about off page SEO?

Off page SEO is the idea to

Chain Link
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improve rankings by adding relevant links or link building. If you can get links from websites which are similar in content to your – you have potential to get more traffic to your website.

Off Page SEO – places to look for links:

There are many places to get links, there will be as many opinions on link building as there are websites on the interwebs.  Here are a few solid, quality places to get links:

  • newspapers – newspapers have great websites with quality links…check with local reports to see what you can help contribute.  Newspapers have solid websites and links you get from them will be quality.
  • universities – if you have a product for sale, allow discounts for students and faculty.  By offering coupon code – you can get listed on university websites.
  • directories – these are still a solid place.  Check out Yahoo and other market specific options.  Sometimes there are membership fees, but they generally have great google power.
  • guest blogging – another popular option is guest blogging.  People accept articles for their site and you get a link.  Its a great trade for content similar copy.

Be careful to only post high quality, unique content to your website.  Look to focus on keywords designated for this page, use this quick quiz to etermine if a site is a good option to get links:

  • Is the website that I am using relevant?
  • Will I be able to attract the right kind of traffic?
  • Does this website have what it takes to bring traffic to my website?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then you may have found a site with a good link opportunity. If you answer no, then you should continue your search to find a better fit.

Off page SEO is effective and you should use it as a beginner. It will help you grow online at a faster rate and the results will be good for you and your website.

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