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There is a lot of buzz around WordPress in if it is good as an SEO engine.  And after reading some posts (, I can say – it may not be great out of the box, but you can really make it sing with a little work.

I’m about half way through the ViperChill post and will then cross reference that with the post from Joost (pronouces “yoast” as in toast).

There are some really good points – check them out and add any others you find.

It is certain there needs to be help with Titles.  Many people use All In One SEO, I like Yoast’s suggestion of Headspace.

More from Google on titles:

Speed is a good thing to consider – many people like the WP Super Cache – or WP Total Cache.  Cacheing will help tremendously.

Take a deep dive and see what your favorites are.

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