SEO Term: What Is PageRank?

Google itself doesn’t provide really good information about what is PageRank, but there hundreds if not thousands of articles written about it by SEOs, webmasters and other specialist. In this article I will cover all the essential facts and myths about Google RageRank in a digestible way, so people with any background can pick up essential facts.

Google PageRank as Votes

Every single link pointing to your website is considered to be a vote, but not all of the votes are of equal importance. Google has special system which measures the importance of the link from a particular page. Usually the closer a page is located to the website homepage, the more importance it gets.

My Website Homepage Has PR 0 – Is It Bad?

The answer: it depends. Google PageRank is updated approximately twice per year, the updates are not scheduled or announces. We notice the PageRank was updated only when we see changes. If your website is young (let’s say couple of months old) then it is okay that your PageRank is zero or ‘n/a’ (not available). Depending on your niche, number and quality of backlinks you website might get from 0 to 4 after the first update.

Important: if your website PageRank became 1, and it was 5 before the update, then there is something definitely wrong with your SEO (search engine optimization) strategy.

A Floating-point Number

PageRank value between 0 and 10 is what the toolbars show us only, while as for Google there are more degrees of resolution. In other words, if two websites have PageRank 5, it doesn’t mean they really have equal PageRank.

Thus, if after the update a toolbar started to show 4 instead of 5; it doesn’t necessary mean that you have serious problems.

Logarithmic Calculation of Google PageRank

The mathematics of PageRank is similar to earthquake Richter scale. It is exponential in calculation. In other words the way from 4 to 5 is several times longer than from 3 to 4. Google keeps in secret the exact number, but we know general concept, which is quite enough for us to judge how our website performs.

Each page of a website hasn’t got the same PR. As a rule, homepage has the highest PageRank the deeper the page is buried in your website architecture, the lower its PageRank is. If one of your internal pages has lots of quality backlinks, more than your homepage, then it has a chance to get higher PageRank.

PageRank Increase VS Business Growth

Google PageRank is one of the 200+ more ranking factors, but it doesn’t always mean that a page with PR 5 will outrank page with PR 4 for all search queries. Moreover, it is a big mistake to connect your website PageRank with how your business doing. Ordinary people don’t know about it, thus it will in no way influence them either to become your client or not. PageRank can only show how good your website is from SEO prospective. If you want to increase conversion rate or ROI (return on investment), then you should focus on usability, marketing and quality of the traffic your website receives.

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