SEO Test: Does keyword position matter to Google?

It came up again today at work (Clickstop) where we had a SEO discussion about different SEO Tests, this time it was the idea of “Does keyword position matter to Google?”.  Basically – does it really matter what position on the page your keyword shows up?

Here’s the idea:


  • Same keyword for each page
  • Different paragraph text for each page (via Bacon Ipsum)
  • No keyword used for the link – we’ll just use the url to the page
  • We also are not using the keyword in the title


  1. Create a keyword:  ch4s3Lwksyhes
  2. Build out 16 pages and place the keyword using the concepts in the above diagram.
  3. Link to all the pages, using the url as the anchor text:
  4. Hide and watch Google go…

So – what do you think?   Does keyword position matter to Google?