SEO Test Tool – How can you learn SEO?

We used to run a tool to check the SEO of your web pages.  That is not something we do anymore.  It just got to be too much work and people were SPAMMING the dickens out of us…not to mention the cease and desist orders.  Oh yea…all kinds of fun.  :)

This tool has reached end of life.  But, no matter what, we have done a lot of work around SEO – here are some of the articles we point people to for research and learning.

SEO Research and Learning

How do I learn more about SEO?

There are a number if tools like this on the market – but if you are really looking to fix and gain SEO on your website, please take time to research and learn what is involved.

I’m not the biggest Rand Fish fan, but the guide that Moz has for beginning SEO is solid.  You can check that out over at Moz learning.

What does it all mean?  SEO is a moving target.  And, we have really been talking about page level SEO.  There is social media marketing and so many other factors which play into search results.