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LinkedIn is not just a social-networking site. It can be a very strong marketing tool for business organizations. So making your LinkedIn profile Search Engine Optimized (SEO) is wise. But does your company’s profile get noticed on the Internet? You may be highly qualified and experienced, but do prospective employers find your profile when they are looking for top-level executives for their companies? Does your profile have high online visibility? If not, here are some easy tips that can make your personal or company profiles Search Engine Optimized:

  • Go public – this is the first optimization step for your LinkedIn profile. If only your friends can find you and not your potential customers, you have defeated the purpose of creating it. A public profile will naturally have a global reach because search engines can now index more aspects of your profile during a web search.
  • Optimize your URL – LinkedIn automatically assigns a numbered URL to your LinkedIn profile. The number doesn’t give any indications about you or your organization. In the event of a web search, it may or may not be found easily. On your profile page, at the right hand bottom your URL is displayed. You can click “Edit” and change the URL to your liking. The best option is to add your name or your company’s name in the URL along with a keyword that describes you or your company very accurately. This will immediately make the profile search engine friendly.
  • Have a comprehensive profile – ensure that all information about your qualifications and work experience are updated on your personal profile. For example, you are an MBA with Finance as your core subject. However, if you are looking for a high level financial analyst’s position, you will get a better response if you remember to update your latest certification in market analysis. The combination of the masters and your newly acquired knowledge of the stock markets will achieve the desired result. When you are the head of a business organization, the more detailed the information about your products and services, the better are the chances of being indexed quickly.
  • Select optimum keywords – a search engine will index your URL when the keywords of the web searcher match some words in your profile. This trick can be used to optimize your profile. In the case of a personal profile, your qualifications and present job should contain the keywords because that’s what the searcher is looking for. In the case of a company, the names of the products and service offered by your organization must be very accurate. Your company will be indexed by their relevance with a web search.
  • Indispensable back links – LinkedIn has the option of creating three back links to your personal or organizational profile. When your profile gets more back links, it gets attains higher online visibility and that’s exactly what SEO is all about. While creating these back links, again it is essential to use relevant keywords. You can have back links to your profile on Facebook or Twitter, your company’s website, from blogs, from emails, etc.
  • Be a Netizen – there are two advantages to being a Netizen:
    • The cliché “practice makes perfect” applies to LinkedIn. Regular logging in will keep you alert in case you have missed something crucial in the profile.
    • Secondly, connecting with family, colleagues and friends will keep you and your company always in the loop. They are your cost-free, unintended advertisers. You have probably appraised them about what’s going on with you and your organization in a friendly chat.
    • Join a discussion forum – a discussion forum is usually named with a relevant keyword and is therefore indexed easily by a search engine. It is also a treasure trove of information. You can look out for comments on your company’s products and services. This gives you an opportunity to correct any shortcomings before they get out of hand. Furthermore, you can watch the movements of your competitors because you would like to be a few steps ahead of them. Your active participation will bring your LinkedIn profile into prominence, and this applies to personal profiles as well as company ones.
    • Be Interactive – the “Join LinkedIn Answers” option is a fantastic SEO tool. Although it may not directly rank your page higher on the search engine’s results, it will enhance your online visibility. When you answer people’s queries and questions, you are displaying evidence of your knowledge, whether it is about self or company. The more questions you answer, the greater is your credibility as it elevates you to level of being an expert in your field.
    • Automate updates – if your LinkedIn profile is integrated with Twitter or WordPress, then any updates in the profile will automatically update the linked blogs or tweets.

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