Small Business, Big Tech

Technology, especially new tech, is often seen as the remit of big business. Smaller businesses are assumed to be incapable or unable to make use of the cutting edge, much less be able to afford it. But little by little, smaller business and even sole enterprises are getting to grips with tomorrow’s tech offerings and showing that small is beautiful.

In this short article we take a look at some of the tech making its way to the forefront of the business world and why small businesses are lapping it up.

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Behind The Scenes

Admittedly the type of tech we’re talking about is the stuff that goes on behind the scenes but when it comes to SaaS developments or powerful analytical tools on offer, there’s enough to make you sit up and take notice.


Take a look at chatbots. So simple, so obvious but absolutely groundbreaking. Heading off customer inquiries and funneling them through to your website, helping you order a pizza, this little addition has made a huge difference to customer interaction and website productivity. 


As a small business you were told right from the start to take a look at your data. Web traffic, customer data, sales data and so on. We’re all drowning in the sheer volume of data that’s available to us. This makes gathering it and making sense of it a feat not for the faint hearted. 

But tech has come to the rescue with powerful analytical tools that help make sense of data and drill right down to get to the information that really counts.

With Software as a Service in the form of products such as Adobe Analytics, small businesses can drown out the meaningless numbers and figures and concentrate on the data that matters most to them, whatever that might be.

The Internet of Things

Or more accurately the Internet of Everything (IoE). Quite simply our modern tech allows all our machines, from our boilers and TV to our doorbells to talk to each other. It’s mind blowing and it has enough about it to make a difference to your life whether you’re in civil aviation or battery venting

Interconnectivity between our devices grows more sophisticated week on week and will only become more so. Small businesses are already in on the ground floor and even the smallest team can benefit from hooking up together to a corporate IoE.

Smaller businesses are every bit as driven to succeed as their larger peers, more so if part of that drive is a desire for growth. Being at the cutting edge is no longer the remit of big business but is instead giving smaller businesses a growing advantage as they streamline and manage their operational processes to give their bigger rivals a run for their money.

From chatbots that lead the way in customer sales to powerful tools analysing and dissecting the state of your business behind the scenes, if you run a small business you need to get hooked up to the cutting edge of tech and stay in the game.