Small Business Woes? Technology Can Help You Succeed

Technology has grown exponentially in the last ten years, and while most companies try to make the most of it, there are some who don’t really understand it and can’t grasp the multiple benefits technology can offer to a small business, or any business in fact. There are many businesses that are yet to move into the 21st century, but more than that, many businesses which aren’t actively utilizing technology services and time saving tech that can really help your business soar.

Get That Phone Answered

Sick of the business phone going off in your pocket, constantly ringing and interrupting your business tasks where you need to spend an hour or two dealing with customer requests that take hours out of your day? The logical step would be to hire a receptionist, but why deal with the hassle of having another employee on the books? Instead you could use virtual receptionist software and allow someone else to pick up the phone. Services such as ruby receptionist save you and your workforce time whilst keeping the customer happy. The technology allows them to act on your behalf, without having to directly employ anyone, win win.

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Use The Cloud

Cloud computing has jumped forward in the last few years. Now every single operator seems to be offering some kind of cloud based package. But, this does not only help you personally, but can help your business too. Using the cloud is especially useful if you or your employees go out and often visit client locations. The woe of carrying a memory stick (losing a memory stick) or lugging around a hard drive are now no more. If you use cloud services all you need is the internet to access key data. It will ensure your workforce are far more productive out in the field. It also allows you to stop using expensive server hardware which takes up space and is a pain to renew every few years. The risk of losing data is mitigated too, it stops hackers and acts of god from ruining your systems and the threat of losing key data has all but vanished completely.

Stop The Internet Frustration

If you work in an office environment where the work is dictated by internet speed, then frustration can quite quickly boil over if the speed is slowing down. The first thing you need to do is call your internet provider. Tell them what has happened. Providers can be sneaky and offer you higher speeds when you are less likely to use them. Hold them to account, or better still go to a different internet provider entirely. You can compare them here. If that isn’t an option or doesn’t work, then you can turn to technology to help you out. WiFi boosters can help ease frustration by boosting the signal to the areas most needed like blind spots. You can also consider getting a better router. The boosters may not heal the issue completely but the technology is quite innovative and can really boost the performance or your computers and as a result the productivity of your workforce.