Social Media Etiquette for Beginners

There are a set of etiquettes everyone has to follow in a society. There are etiquettes to be followed in an office, in a formal party, in a college and now there are a few etiquettes to be followed in social media too! It might sound a phony for some people, but it is true. A social media is a like a virtual meeting place for people. So when you are following some codes of conduct in real world, why not do the same in virtual world too? Here are a few tips for beginners to maintain proper social media etiquette.

Internet marketing is helping businesses and marketers get some phenomenal results which is why it is very important to be active on social media sites. But more often than not, marketers forget to engage with their readers, clients etc. All they do is a one-way SEO activity just to increase their website’s or blog’s page rank. This is the biggest mistake one can make. Read their comments, take them as feedbacks and try to work on the suggestions.

Commenting etiquette
If you are commenting on others’ blog, make sure that you are respectful of everyone’s views there. If there is a person who has commented his opinion and you disagree with it, don’t go and start a war! Every one has a right to voice their opinion, so comment carefully.

Many marketers comment on others’ blogs or others’ Facebook walls just to get a link back to their sites. While there is nothing wrong with this practice, make sure that you are providing value with your comment. You just cannot write a “thank you” or “informative” or just put a smiley there. Treat others’ blog like you treat your own. Put yourself in their shoes and see if it makes sense to spam.

Don’t ever put links that are misleading. Some people put links to “bad” sites just for the fun of it. This is a bad practice that one should avoid.

Marketing etiquettes
This is the one thing most of them forget to follow. Marketing is fine but overdoing it is not. Many people go to others’ sites and leave comments like “if you want xyz, you can visit my site abc”! Now that will also be spamming if you are writing it on sites that do not have anything related to your niche. It is very inappropriate to go to a food based site and say “hey, check out my new site for shoes”!

Customizing responses
If you want your readers to visit your site again, you will have to make sure that you will respond to each of the comments. Customize your responses for each comment so that the reader knows that you have indeed paid heed to his suggestions. This can be one of the most advantageous techniques for word of mouth marketing for your site. Readers may ask their friends to check your site out.

These are a few tips you can make use of to maintain social media etiquette on the web. These etiquettes will help you establish a long term relationship with your readers as well as with fellow bloggers.

Author Bio: Penny is a senior article writer with copywriting service firm Godot Media. She has interests ranging from social media, copywriting to following web technologies and trends.