The Software Tools Every Business Owner Should Consider

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With the advances in software development, many business owners are finding their lives are being made easier. From business planning to managing the accounts, there are software packages available which can make the day to day running of a business that bit simpler.

We have already mentioned the benefits of cloud-based HR software on this site, and in this article, we will list some other software options available to you. Especially for those of you operating a small business with limited funds, using software is a viable alternative to outsourcing essential tasks to other professionals, with all the expense that entails.

Creating a business plan

As with most things in life, a little bit of planning will help you in the long-term. For a business, planning is crucial. Failure to do so could result in your business failing, as so many do within the first year. You need to know what your goals are, your financial projections, and have an understanding of your nearest rivals. See how you can learn more about your business plan here: From marketing your business to creating a brand, they offer advice that should prove invaluable.

Knowing the importance of business planning will then give you the incentive to turn to dedicated software tools. We think you should consider Palo Alto Software. It will help you write your business plan, in the short and long-term. Their tools can help you with your finances, with advanced forecasting options, and the latest industry research to help you evaluate your position in the competitive marketplace. The software will help you produce something that looks professional, and should enhance your credibility to investors in your business.

You forego business planning at your peril, so it makes sense to take advantage of the latest software to help you.

Producing a website

Every business needs a website, and chances are you already have something up and running. You need something that makes your business look professional, while offering an effective showcase for your product and services. Not many of us have degrees in computer coding and web design, but there are web-building software tools available that can help you produce something in a matter of hours. One of the best website builders available is Simbla, and if you are reading this over the summer of 2017, you should take advantage of their special offer which is offering 75% of all plans. However, no matter when you read this, their service is still something you should consider paying for. They help you produce beautifully themed websites, which are responsive across all devices, from computers to smartphones. Using state of the art technology, they have templates and apps for all your business needs. A website needs to be eye-catching to the consumer, and Simbla will help you produce something that is bright, colorful and in high-resolution. With a free 60-day trial, you can try before you buy, so there is no reason not to give them a go.

Managing your accounts

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The bane of many business owners, managing the financial aspects of a company can be a time-consuming and complicated affair. No wonder many people opt for the services of an accountant who can take on this responsibility. Of course, you will be adding to your expenses by hiring the services of an accountant, so we recommend you use a financial software package such as Xero. They give you everything you need to help you manage your finances, including sorting out your taxes, managing your expenses, invoicing your clients, and paying your bills. Xero also gives you access to over 500 time-saving apps, including eCommerce and payroll options that integrate smoothly with Xero’s service.

Organizing your time

The final piece of software we are advocating today is the time-management tool offered by Trello. It can be difficult to manage the multitude of tasks you have to do within a day, but

Trello will give you the capability to manage your time effectively. Their task-management app will help you prioritize your workload, and help you manage your team’s tasks as well. The software is also collaborative, with a visual overview that allows everybody on the team to know what is being worked on, and who is doing what task. So whether you work alone, or with others, Trello’s software will enhance your productivity.

We hope the above helps. There are many other software tools available on the market, so do your research and find something that can help you in your business.