Starting Your Online Career: 3 Tips To Get You Going

Starting Your Online Career: 3 Tips To Get You GoingWith the job market so up and down all over the world, it can be hard to find that dream job you’ve been longing for. So why not make your own job? Millions of people and companies are finding that it’s so much easier to work online and find their niche where they can make a good living and support their families. With just a few skills, anyone can easily start their own online business and work from home.

Take A Look At Your Own Skills

So where do you start? What do you do? How do you know what skills you have? Start by looking at your last few jobs or what education you have, do you have a background in IT? How about writing? Maybe education? There is a massive amount of skill sets that you already possess, you just don’t know it yet. Start by listing the things you are good at, no matter what it is, on a sheet of paper. From there, you can get a very good idea of what you can do online. Here are three tips to get you started as your own boss online:

Tip #1: Broaden Your Skills

The Internet is a massive place and there are thousands of great sites and schools that offer online training in just about any course that you can imagine. You will find online classes that allow you to brush up on general office or computer skills, such as using excel or word. You will also find classes that teach you totally new skills you’re wanting to learn, such as starting computer programming language like HTML. No matter what field you enjoy, there are classes out there for it.

Of course, you should consider what field you want to go into and start taking classes that revolve around that area. For example, if you love computer programming and IT work, you might consider taking classes online that will boost your skills in those areas. There are tons of great classes that go from the basics of everything up to refined computer languages such as Cisco. You’ll also be able to take exams on what you’ve learned and many sites offer certifications as well, like the CCNA certification exam, after you’ve completed classes over the subject.

Tip #2: Get Your Online Presence Seen

Being online and have a presence online are two different things. Most people are online on sites like Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest, where they can just goof off, play games, keep in touch with people, and so on. But do you have an online presence where it counts? You need to have a site for yourself, where you can showcase what you do, who you are, and what you can do to help potential clients. You also need to have profiles on some of the business social media sites, like LinkedIn, where you can build up your professional profile and get your name out there.

You also want to start browsing through some of the larger sites and forums that deal with your chosen area. There are millions of websites out there, and you will need to do a bit of research before you start plugging away. I would suggest that you find about five sites that are pretty decent sized to start giving your two cents on. These can be forums, blogs, and any other site that allows you to post comments over areas that revolve around what you want to do. The more you get your name and information out there, the bigger your presence will be.

Tip #3: Make Yourself An Expert

You don’t have to work for decades to become an expert in your chosen area. It’s easier than you think and you can start right now. First, you want to read up on everything you can for your chosen field. From there, you need to start making posts and adding in comments and written material online, just like you are doing for your online presence. Bump that up a notch to adding in articles, blogs, and other written work about your area of work. The more you add, the more you post, the higher your reputation will go in promoting you as an expert in your field.

You want to make sure that you have the latest information and the most up-to-date written work out there or you can tarnish any reputation you build. Make sure that you are posting ideas, opinions, and other thoughts on your area of work. The more places that you can get that information out and get your name out in front of people, the more people will start to see you as an expert.

Make Yourself Your Own Boss

Once you have these three things accomplished, you can then start to look at freelancing sites, such as Elance, to bid on projects that are in your area of expertise. You can also start doing your own internet marketing, or sales, whatever you want to do. Set up your own website and start building yourself up as a brand, and it won’t take long until you are able to work when you want, doing what you love to do.

About the Author:

James Martell is an Internet pioneer who discovered the lucrative world of affiliate marketing in 1999. He is a self-taught Internet entrepreneur and a leading expert in affiliate marketing, natural search engine optimization and outsourcing. He also helps clients and other people around the world build their online profiles and gain a successful internet business by showing them the steps they need to take, such as online classes through