Support Your Employees with Top Tech Tools

Employees can sometimes find technology at work more of a hindrance than a help. They might not feel too confident using the tools that they’re given or they might feel that they’re just not necessary to get their work done. If you want your employees to feel like the technology you choose for them supports them instead of getting in their way, you need to know what sort of choices will make them happy. When you’re choosing technology for your business, you should pick tools that will help to make your employees’ jobs easier. Make sure you ask for their feedback to choose tech that will support them.

Improve the Recruitment Process

Before you even have your employees through the door, you can start off on the right foot. If you have the right tools for recruitment, you can immediately help them to feel that they will make the right choice by working for you. There are a few tech tools that will help you to make the recruitment process better for your candidates. For example, using video interviews can speed up recruitment so that there’s less chance of candidates dropping out or getting job offers from elsewhere before you can get to them. You can also make recruitment easier for existing employees who are involved in the process.

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Help Your Employees Be Mobile

Mobile working helps to keep your employees engaged, but you need to get the right balance. While it’s good to help your employees work from anywhere in the office or out in the field, and even at home, you have to be careful not to be too intrusive. They don’t want to be interrupted by notifications from work when they’re trying to eat dinner with their family. But they might want to be able to check in while on a business trip or still access all the information they need while in a meeting room, instead of at their desk.

Encourage Working Collaboratively

Most of your employees need to work together as a team at some point. Working collaboratively can be much easier with tech but you need to choose the right tools to really deliver a better experience. If you choose the wrong tools, they can end up leading to miscommunication or too many intrusive notifications, as well as confusion over who is doing what. You should work with your employees to find tools that work for them and help to make their work easier. There are plenty of collaborative tools to choose from that allow everything from task scheduling to collaborative working on a document.

Use Gamification for Training

Training can be extremely boring for employees. Even if they’re interested in learning something new, the process of doing it can still feel tedious. One way that technology can help is by using gamification to make training more fun. Gamification gives training stories, goals and objectives and rewards. It turns training into something that’s more like a game and a challenge so that employees feel like they have something to strive for. It helps to break down large tasks into smaller ones too. Training can become a friendly competition and a fun activity that everyone want to do.

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Speed Up HR

HR tends not to be the most popular department among employees. Many people feel that HR policies get in the way of them doing them work, and they don’t feel that HR is there to support them. Technology can help to make a difference in various ways, partly be simply making sure that the HR department is doing its job properly. The right HR software can help you to set up HR automation processes and manage all employee documents throughout any employees whole time with the company. By choosing software suitable for your company, you can be more supportive of employees and be more productive too.

Use Health Technology to Boost Wellness

Many companies are interested in how to support their employees’ health. They recognize that helping their employees to be healthy means that they can prevent too much time off work due to sickness and improve performance at work too. Technology can help employers to support the health and wellness of their employees. For example, there are apps that employees can use which give them coaching tips on how to lead healthier lifestyles. Tech can provide the support that employees need to stay healthy not just physically but also mentally.

Give Real-time Feedback

The annual or six-monthly performance review is a well-known occurrence in many workplaces. However, some employees feel that these reviews are spaced too far apart. It’s not an uncommon occurrence for an employee to think they’re doing just fine, and then be surprised by some big issues raised at their performance review. Instead, employers should think about how to offer more consistent feedback so that issues can be corrected more quickly. Not only can you get tools for providing real-time feedback to employees, but you can allow them to offer feedback in the other direction too.

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Improve the Workplace for Disabled Employees

Making the workplace more accessible for disabled employees helps to make your workplace more diverse and ensure you’re utilizing the skills and experience of everyone with something to offer your company. The are various tools that you can use to improve accessibility. For example, screen and document magnifiers help people with visual impairments, and so can screen readers.

Automate Customer Service

Automation can often improve productivity, but often it’s about working alongside technology, not just replacing people with it. For example, you can improve your customer service by introducing chatbots. These aren’t a replacement for human customer service representatives, but a tool to help them do their jobs better. Chatbots can take care of the routine questions, and customer service representatives can take over when someone needs extra help. People and tech can work together, and the people get more time to spend on other things.

Technology can provide support for your employees, instead of getting in the way of their work. Work with them to find the tools that are useful to them.