Amazon Adds a Virtual Private Cloud – ReadWriteEnterprise

Amazon Adds a Virtual Private Cloud – ReadWriteEnterprise.

WOW, Amazon continues to innovate in the cloud space.  This is very cool – this is pretty much what the IT department at the company I work for wants to do.  It sure makes maintenance easier – now if we can convince people the cloud is safe.

WordPress › Amazon Autoposter « WordPress Plugins

WordPress › Amazon Autoposter « WordPress Plugins.

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Shortcovers: A Kindle Killer?

Why Indigo Shortcovers Will (And Won’t) Kill Amazon Kindle.

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Hmmm – there has been a ton of talk at my work about the Kindle – I wonder…after you get by all the marketing stuff if this is legit?

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.net to php – now!

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So my latest adventure has taken me to the land of php.  It seems the direction my company has gone is more open source…so they are all poo-poo-ing my .net background.  It is hard, but really reminds me of classic asp.  We will see how “easy” it is.  I know there is a ton of examples out on the intertubes.

We have been looking at some different hosting options and have really have two options.  We want to play on the Amazon cloud really bad – so we plan on that.  Then, we also have been checking out rackspace pretty heavy – this will give us the linux we need, but options of windows if necessary.

My first task will be to get a directory product called “phpmydirectory” going.  Seems really cheap for the features.  Had some problems importing the seed data – but after some forum work and a couple help tickets – the import is singing.  Threw in 10,000 records in abotu 20 minutes.  Not too bad.

OK – I’ll report back in, if I survive!   :)

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eBay deals are getting weak.

So – I need a new cordless telephone…and let me tell you – I am a cheapskate when it comes to consumer electronics. My old unit got a bit too much of last week’s lightning.

So I head off and find a model I like – the Uniden TRU9280-4 (the “-4” stands for 4 handsets; “-3” is three and so on.) So I put the search into eBay and find 3 main “auctions” and 20+ hits in the eBay stores section.

But instantly I’m a little miffed – because all 3 of these so called auctions are “Buy it Now” – OK, I love the concept of buy it now…but it was not meant to be used as a fix price auction – that is what the eBay stores are for. So I decide to look over at Amazon – and boom, for almost the same money I can get a brand new model with free shipping.

It just compliments what I have been saying for a while about eBay – the deals are getting harder and harder to find. I still think you can find some stuff there, but it takes more work and more work is not what the consumer is looking for.

This could be a major thing that drives traffic back to the local retailers. With innovations like we saw at the Web 2.0 conference – where intuit is teaming up with and acquiring companies who can take the inventory people are entering into Quickbooks and displaying it online…hyper local is becoming more of a reality. If I can log onto a local retailer’s site and see exactly what they have, now that is information I can use.