Recovering from SPAMMY links on your website

For people in the SEO industry, there was a time when names like panda and penguin only reminded of two harmless animals. The time of innocence is – alas – over and now these names are synonyms of the two algorithm updates, which dramatically changed the answer to the question: how do I rank number … Read more

Backlinking For SEO

One of the most important steps you can take to drive more traffic to your website is backlinking for SEO. What Is Backlinking SEO Backlinking SEO is often only thought of as a technique that involves getting clickable links back to a specific website and/or webpage for the purpose of increasing a website’s ranking in … Read more

Building Blog Traffic – 4 Basic SEO Tips

When I talk to fellow bloggers about onpage optimization, they’re usually aware of the importance of keywords and page titles. Of course, simply being aware of the how-to doesn’t necessarily equate to doing it efficiently, and so we tend to see keyword-stuffed articles with bolded headers and too long page titles. There’s a tendency amongst … Read more