Do old domains have any advantage from newer sites?

People often times talk about new domains – and how soon will Google index the site…but what about the old websites and its pages and previous rankings, how does that apply to what Google is doing?  What are the algorithm updates doing to those older domains? If you have not updated your website since before … Read more

Aggressive Strategy Is Vital Before Developing Domain Names

If you are ready to tackle the complex world of selling online, and wish to put together some form of long-term plan for personal development fulfillment, you need to cultivate a strategy to pen your goals and needs on paper.  Since developing domain names takes a personal investment, you need something viable for long-term sanity; … Read more

Domain Name Flipping: Better In Smaller Doses

Anything manufactured, computer implemented, immaculately conceived or dreamt up overnight can be flipped for profit, as our current technologically savvy society is proving.  Domain names, content, or anything which another man, woman or child slaved tirelessly over is being forfeited for someone’s fiduciary responsibility, or personal benefit.  With domain name flipping, however, you’re entering one … Read more

How to Snatch an Expiring Domain

This is a very in depth post on how was able to grab a domain at expiration time: I recently found myself in the position of wanting to register a domain which was owned by someone else. The domain was set to expire in a week, and I figured there was a decent chance … Read more