A Brief History Of Link Building Strategies

In the early days of the Internet, link building was easy. There were no rules, and you could do anything you wanted to try to gain visibility. That has all changed, thanks largely to Google’s war on subversive link building practices and bad site content, but let’s take a look at what life was like … Read more

Copywriting After Google Panda Stuck Its Paw In

Google Panda has changed everything. Following its release in February 2011, search engine optimization experts are now reconsidering their strategies. If you’re a digital marketing graduate or aspiring copywriter who isn’t aware of how Google has changed its search engine algorithm, the following guide may prove invaluable as more and more companies move away from traditional SEO tools in … Read more

How To Get Valuable Content On Your Website Without Using Articles

We all know that since Google started their campaign of Panda updates, the need for valuable content has increased. The Panda updates have been happening regularly over the past 24 months and with every update, the need for unique content has increased. Even though we know that Google algorithm updates are going to be less … Read more

Good SEO is all about getting Creative: Are you?

SEO in 2012 looks quite a bit different than SEO in years past. SEO, prior to recent algorithm changes like various Google Panda iterations and the introduction of the Penguin Update to Google’s algorithm was fairly straight forward: build links with targeted anchor text on high PageRank pages and wait for rankings to climb. Today, … Read more

Can Good User Experience Lead to Better Search Rankings?

Undoubtedly, on- and off-page optimizations are currently the hot topics in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) world.  These strategies are important and undeniably improve search engine rankings of websites.  Another important way to boost search engine rankings is to create good user experience for the visitors of a website or a blog. What Constitutes A … Read more