The Gazette just jumped in – with both feet

Image via Wikipedia The whole reason I started blogging was to “conversate” about the web, media and how they were (and many time were not) coming together.  The company I work for (Gazette Communication) has been in the “oh crap, people are not reading newspapers like they used to – what do we do now” … Read more

Podcasting is fun.

I am associated with another blog…it’s called wediabuzz.  It’s a group of people from GFOC (the Gazette Family of Companies) whom I used to work with and now work for.  (I am a consultant doing work for them now.) We had a mission to help them out and build a framework for podcasting – it … Read more

How did you get the caucus results?

More than likely, from “old media” like TV or newspaper.  But there was a surprising number of “new media” ways to get some of that information. Mediashift posted a great article yesterday about this called “Iowa Caucuses Blanketed by Twitter, Blogs, Video” That’s the hard lesson learned by veteran GOP political strategist Ed Rollins, who … Read more