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Buddypress Ajax Chat is a full featured chat built specifically for Buddypress, based on AJAX chat. This is the Premium version of BuddyPress Ajax Chat meaning that there will be NO advertisements built into the chat once you tell us your domain name.

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Tricky page navigation solution

WordPress is so good at so many things, but page navigation is not one of them.  I think it is because WordPress is a platform and page navigation is a bridge between design and development.

In steps this code from wphacks called “Page Sensitive Multi-Level Navigation

The mission was to display sub-pages of the current page you are on in the left nav and once you hit the bottom of the hierarchy to show pages which are parallel to that page within the same branch of the hierarchy.

If you have a ton of levels of nav – this code is for you.

Familiar with WordPress, but don’t want the overhead?

Try BackPress.  It’s a lot like WordPress – but less, or more?  :)

BackPress is a PHP library of core functionality for web applications. It grew out of the immensely popular WordPress project, and is also the core of the bbPress and GlotPress sister-projects.

WordPress coding tips and tricks – part 2

Yea – the last one 30 minutes ago was good too…but I found this too and it has some seriously good nuggets of code:

2. Showing Related Posts Without A Plugin
Tom: We are currently using a plugin to do this on GazetteOnline.  But I always wonder if it would be faster without it?

7. Insert Social Media Icons Without A Plugin
Tom: ShareThis and AddThis are very popular plugins.  But again – these reply on external scripts and load times can get messy if the intertubes get clogged.

8. Add Bread Crumbs to Your WordPress Themes
Tom: I love breadcrumbs – but again, I always wonder if the site would load faster using the code.

9. Displaying Ads in Your RSS Feeds
Tom: I only added this to see if the sales people are reading my blog?  Any guesses if they are or not.  Question – would anyone buy ad space in an RSS feed?  I wonder who are good sales targets for this type of ad? What ads in RSS do you click?

Check them out…there are a total of 12, very cool.

WordPress coding tips and tricks

Using WordPress on gazetteonline, we have learned some tips and tricks.  This post from web design ledger shows some more – a couple are trumped by WordPress 2.9, but they are still hot, hot, hot.

  • Customize the Logo of Your WordPress Login Page
    TIP: Great for that custom look to your install.
  • Detecting Mobile Devices Accessing Your Site
    TIP: This is invaluable – no excuses not to have a mobile theme on your site.  (I hope my boss doesn’t read this…I’m sure we don’t have them on all our sites yet!   Shhhhhhhhh.)
  • Allow Only Your IP Address to Access the wp-admin Directory
    TIP: For the those paranoid network types.  (I’m talking to you Tim.)

These are all killer, and there are 10 more.  If you have others, please put them in the comments.

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