The SEO Myths You’re Still Falling For

SEO is one of my favorite aspects of digital marketing. It still has this elusive quality, and very few people understand it properly. The other great thing about SEO is that it is always evolving. Google constantly update their algorithms, meaning we have to stay on our feet. It

5 SEO Tips for Bloggers

You you just trying to do good writing and not playing the game of all the SEO tricks?  All those silly “tips” that are supposed to skyrocket you to the top ten of Google.

Instead of all that junk – here are five simple and straightforward SEO tips that will …

SEO 101: Importance of Picking The Right Keyword

Advertising is evolving and although some people may use a lot of the same wording on a webpage that they would with a newspaper copy, the content still needs to be web friendly.  The process of picking the right keyword can be vital to making sure content is truly developed …