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I’ve been working in web development as a developer since 1998.  Many developers work at companies with large buildings with many offices, and teams are often moved around for logistic purposes. And a curious trend is happening: developers tend to end up in nice shiny offices, whereas other departments – like Administration and Finance – are slowly being pushed down into dingy basements.

OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but you get the idea: developers might not get all the girls like in the movie The Social Network, but sure they get better coffee and wider windows. All this confirms a simple thing: developing is cool again, although some detractors may say that it’s finally cool, implying that it was never cool at all.

The main reason for its rise in popularity is, in my mind, the myriad of apps that are constantly launched now are having more impact on other people’s lives than ever before. Developers are finally producing things that are closer to people, and like for books, movies or songs, it’s easier to imagine a real person behind them. Many believe that the marketplace offered by iTunes App Store played an important part in transforming developers into superstars, but the point is: coding is now closely associated to creation, in a space where art and logic come together.

So whether your purpose is to make money or to express yourself (although you could achieve both), this is a great time to learn developing skills. There are many possibilities to choose from: websites, web applications, or apps for computers and mobile devices.

Making it to the hall of fame of ITunes is hard, and many failed while few succeeded. However, to be a successful developer you don’t have to go the rockstar way, you can work on customized jobs for specific clients too. All sorts of companies, big and small, are hiring developers to create customized apps to improve their customers’ experience and take advantage of the explosion of mobile usage.

At this point, the last preconception about code programming is that it’s very hard to learn. The good news is: it’s not, not harder than any other skill anyway. You understand the basics, climb up the learning curve a little, and after that it’s all about exponential learning.

How does that sound? If you feel like giving it a go, or if you have just started, let us know what you are interested in for your learning adventure.

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How To Maximize Your Profits From Facebook

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If you are doing Internet marketing, and you want to succeed, social media should be part of your overall plans. We are not just discussing advertising on social media sites by purchasing ads. For your business to succeed, you need to have profiles and pages. Publishing regularly on these pages needs to be done – this is how you interact with your visitors. When it comes to success on the Internet, social media is now something that is very important to do. You know, even if you wish you didn’t, that social media isn’t going to go anywhere. It’s so important to use social media, yet how well you use a website like Facebook to promote your business in a successful way? The following paragraphs will tell you if it’s possible or not.

Write on Your Wall

You have a wall at Facebook where you can write your posts related to your business. So what you do is just talk to your audience because the people interested in your wall will be from your audience. The ideal strategy is to communicate about your business every day and this will hardly take long at all. You want to tell people what you are up to as well as keep your followers updated as to your progress on improving a product or developing something new. If you start a new campaign, then mention that or anything else.

Respond to Messages

When anyone leaves comments on your page or sends you a message, make sure you respond to them promptly. It is okay to leave a comment posted on a Saturday unanswered until Monday, but it’s not okay to let something posted on Tuesday morning go ignored until Friday night. So be sure to keep track of any activity on your page or profile. When on social sites, you have to be sociable if you want to reach people.

They will be more likely to see you as a human and not just a brand. This, in turn, means that they will be more likely to buy from you. It’s easier for people to relate to other people than to corporate entities.

Run a Contest

Run a contest through your Facebook page. It’s best to create contests that are targeted to your page’s main theme. One tactic is to encourage people to spread the word about your page, and then choose a winner at random once you get a certain number of "likes." Rather than picking the winner randomly, you could make the winner the person who is able to recruit the greatest number of new fans for you. The only way to make this work, though, is if you know how to track visitors to your page, or if you have someone doing this for you. You can think up any type of contest, and tailor it to your particular audience. This is an interactive method to motivate people to return to your page frequently. There are so many ways to use Facebook to your advantage. You could buy a little bit of advertising and hope for the best if you wanted to. If you really want to do well, creating a page for profile will help. By operating in this matter, your clients and fans can have more interaction between you and them. The page will greatly increase your chances of success. If you use the strategies we have recommended, you can have a successful Facebook page in no time at all.

Mathew is an internet Marketer and currently working with Joe Russell on an upcoming product called sitebildz – A Multi platform marketing software which totally automates and streamlines all of the manual processes.

How To Ethically Get Twitter Followers Fast

Twitter is the venue for micro blogging. It is where people across the globe are connected to each other. The term “followers” refer to your friends who keep track on every posted info, thoughts, or blogs. There are several bloggers who use twitter to enhance their traffic. This article provides emphasis on how to get twitter followers fast in an ethical way.

Join Twitter Now!

If you are not familiar with twitter then it is about time for you to join the league of people. There are several things that you can do in twitter. Aside from posting your thoughts or updating your status, you can use this as a medium to acquire traffics for your website. Thanks to the followers. However, this is not as easy as it sounds. You need to do something about your posts before you can achieve the desired goal.

Set Contests

One of the easiest ways to earn followers quickly is to set a contest. In you post, you can put some information related to our products or services. By adding some creative polls you might increase your followers at the soonest possible time. Our suggestion is to include some rewards from your product, services, or other attracting goods that can simply magnetize people in twitter.

Tweet Directories

There are several twitter directories available in the internet. These directories are packed with thousands and even millions of twitter users. If you try to include your account by joining these directories, eventually you will earn several followers. If you have activated or verified your account from these directories, you will be receiving a notification from twitter regarding the status of your account plus the people who followed you in a certain twitter directory.

Guest Blogging

This approach is very simple. You don’t need to have a blog. In here, you will be making content for other blogs. As a guest, your article content must be essential and full of information. This way, you will be able to attract readers. As for followers, you need to include your twitter link at the end of the article. You can also place it at the resource box. Readers who are interested with your column will follow you on twitter.

There are so many great content marketing strategies that you can do aside from the given tips. However, please bear in mind that you have to stand up to the expectations of other people. This means that you need to be consistent with the quality of information or posts that you are giving to them. Make sure that the contents of your posts are very interesting. You might drive away your follower if the details of your posts are misleading. Don’t be so judgmental. This is the basic principle for twitting. If you want to have more twitter followers, you don’t need to be sarcastic in a way that it can offend your followers. You don’t need to make inhuman comments against other twitter users because it is very unethical. If you are trying to earn respect from other people, you should do the ethical ways.

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Mitz Pantic from wrote this article as a guest for this site. Please feel free to add your own Twitter tips below in the comment section.

Here is a Great Way to Engage the Facebook Fans that Matter

What can you do to get your fans more involved on your Facebook fan page? Plenty, to begin with you can ask a simple question along the lines of the subject matter on the page. If you have a band, you can ask what their favorite song is. Another approach is to inquire about what one of you fans is going to do for the weekend. When it comes to conversation starters, there is a plethora of thing to discuss.

Get them Talking

One great way to begin a conversation is to praise your fan base for all of the comments and commitment to the page. This is sure to get some love thrown at your direction. You can even point out one person with your praise as this is a sure fire way to get others to react. Let us face facts everybody likes special treatment. Especially when getting kudos from their favorite musician. In this same manner by targeting a comment on a specific fan, it puts them in the limelight in front of the others. Not only will you draw fire from other fans so will the individual you singled out.

Join in a Conversation

This one is a great technique to engage the fan base. Start by finding a post with a lot of traffic and add to it. Make a point with an insightful dissertation on the subject. By joining an ongoing conversation with your fans, you show them that you are the same as they are and therefore build a stronger bond with that particular group of fans. If your goal is to increase your fan base, there are a few different way you can go about it.

Locate Similar Pages to Your Own

That’s right search out other pages similar to your own, become a fan, and make comments there. You can even post a link or two pointing back to your page. What this accomplishes is it lets other know you exist and therefore builds and awareness that there are other artist of the same genre. For instance if your band play punk rock find another punk band and start trading posts with them. Understanding that there really is no secret on how to either gain fans or create more interest to you page is an important factor.

Nevertheless, all it takes is to keep updating and posting intriguing comments on your pages. This includes the pages where you are a fan. You can try to buy Facebook fans cheap or even to buy Twitter followers for that account. The main thing to remember is to have fun with it never act as if you are working when you begin a conversation ask simple question like if they had a choice between a or b which would be their choice? Always show the love to those who comment back or answer your silly questions. If you are having a bad day, let them know you may have someone try to cheer you up. It pays to be attentive to you fan base.

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Chris Nicholson started as a virtual assistant for a social media marketing firm. After two years of learning, the ropes and he set up shop himself. Today he has more clients that he can barely handle.

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How to Direct Social Networking Links to Your Website

Everyone wants to promote their site, generate more traffic and get social networking links. The basic goal of the search engine optimization is to promote your website to generate a flow of traffic. It’s quite difficult, for some web-masters, to decide whether or not spending their time on promoting their site’s content on top social media is worth spending a lot of time and resource on.

Once the traffic is generated on your site, people will click on the ads and you can simply earn the money for each click with ease. Although the earning ratio is quite lower when compared to generating traffic, you can still earn some regular amount through repeating customers.
Now it’s time to market your website or articles!

There are two simple and easy methods to promote your articles through social networking sites.

  1. Post Links to Your Site

    Post anchor links of your website articles to the social networking channels. But before doing that, make sure that your content is productive and useful. Always post valuable information and not spammy links. Traffic gleaned through spamming links is worthless. Using them will just put your website’s reputation at stake.

    Do not forget your friends and family. You can always share your content with them. Another thing you can do is basically adding a “share” button on your site to enable other users to share your content and articles to their social networking channels. For instance, if someone finds your content informative, he or she would also be interested to share your articles with their followers and friends. This is one of the biggest and fastest emerging techniques for promoting your site and content.  It is a great source f bringing a continual flow of traffic to your site.

  2. Post Advertisements on Social Networking Sites

    Facebook has now provided a platform to promote your website or content through advertisements. Whenever a user clicks on the ad, they will be sent to your website. You only pay for the clicks. That said, it has been shown that the earning (or click through) ratio is quite less than what you can receive through Google Adwords.

    So if you are messing with a deluge of ideas about what to do and what not to do to direct massive traffic from social media networks towards your website then you must stop worrying about it now as we have given you two simple and straight forward ways to direct social media links to your site successfully particularly today when google is leaving less space for even high quality websites to get a huge cut of its massive traffic flow. Today you need to focus upon getting traffic from other resources particularly from social networks so your site can tolerate any possible hit by the ‘Big G’ anytime.

Guest Post: If you want to learn about latest SEO tips and news then you must visit SEO buzz world to get updates about what’s happening in this ever-changing arena.