Strip Microsoft Word junk from WordPress

How flipping annoying is building a cool website – to have every user who post content to screw it up with Comic Sans and pink, yellow and blue pasted font from Microsoft Word.  Well, brass blogs has a dirty little trick to help you strip Microsoft Word junk from WordPress posts. By cutting these vicious … Read more

WordPress Jetpack first impressions

I have to say – my first impression’s of WordPress Jetpack are very positive.  If nothing more than to give a very nice update to “ Stats” and use of “After the Deadline” it is worth the install. Here is what the plugin includes: Stats – Simple, concise site stats with no additional load on … Read more

WordPress Plugin: Schedule Parts of Content

Sometimes you see a WordPress Plugin and you say – cool.  Sometimes you say – eh?  But sometimes, a plugin comes around and its like – this is way cool…but how? This WordPress Plugin will Schedule portions of posts.  Yea – anyone can schedule the whole post – this plugin will actually schedule a section … Read more

WordPress Plugin: SEO Rank Reporter

As I have come to realize in my job at Clickstop, SEO is job number 1.  Without good SEO and SEM practices, it is hard to make money in eCommerce. I came across this plugin called “SEO Tank Reporter” Track your Google rankings every 3 days and see reports of your progress in an easy-to-read … Read more