How to Take Your Freelance Career to the Next Level

Many freelancers start out working ‘on the side’ of their regular job or simply doing a little bit extra at the weekends in order to earn an extra income. But, freelancing can be a very attractive type of career as it allows you far more freedom to live your life exactly how you want to without having to worry about what your employer wants. As a freelancer, you are your own boss and can decide whether or not you’d like to do the hours or work that a client asks of you without having to worry about losing your job altogether. Along with that, most freelancers work from home, which is often a very comfortable and flexible choice. But, how do you take your freelance gig to the next level?

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Get a Degree

With freelancing becoming more popular than ever before, having a college degree is helping many freelancers to stand out from the rest. For example, if you’re working as a private investigator on the side of your regular job, working towards an online masters in criminal justice from Boston University will provide you with an awesome academic achievement to put on your resume and help you stand out to potential clients.

Build Your Portfolio

No matter which area you freelance in, whether you’re a writer, designer, or provide another kind of service to your clients, having a strong portfolio is imperative when it comes to attracting future clients and taking your freelance career to the next level. Often, freelancers are hired online, except for in some cases such as private investigators who may meet in person or work for an agency on a freelance basis. Because of this, a strong portfolio will encourage new clients to trust you and give you a chance to show them exactly what you can do for them. Often, proof of past work is more effective than simply stating that you have a degree such as a masters in criminal justice, for example.

Prioritize Your Online Presence

As mentioned earlier, the majority of freelance professionals today are hired online. But, with so many people on the internet offering their services as a writer, designer, assistant, marketer or something else, it’s vital that you stand out if you’re hoping to take your career that step further. Having a strong online presence is absolutely crucial for this, as without an online presence you are never going to get noticed by the clients that you need. Not only should you have a website that grabs the attention of your clients and generates interest in your services from the beginning, you should also consider having an active blog and social media accounts along with actively participating in industry-relevant forums.

Build Your Reputation

Even if you currently only have one client who you work for on a freelance basis, building an excellent reputation with them is one of the best ways to advance your freelance career. Chances are, your current clients will also know people who would benefit from your services, and showing that you’re good at what you do is an excellent way to earn yourself some recommendations and referrals.