Taking Your WordPress-Based Online Store to the Next Level

The flexibility WordPress offers as a CMS platform still fascinates me every time I use it. You can create anything from a personal blog to a fully functional ecommerce site with WordPress at its core. It is easy to set up the kind of website you want too, especially now that there are so many plugins and themes to choose from.

Installing WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin is one of the best, and easiest, ways to set up an online store. Within just a few minutes, you can start adding products to your catalogue. You can even make sales by the end of the day with the right marketing strategy. Of course, there are a few extra steps to take if you want to take your WordPress-based online store to the next level.


Focus on Security

WordPress is a secure platform that is given regular security updates, but the plugins, themes and other components you use are not always as secure. To make your online store secure enough for customers to trust, there are a few extra steps to take.

You can start by adding an SSL certificate and using HTTPS instead of HTTP. SSL certificates from hosting companies are very affordable and they are great investments to make. You can also invest a little bit more to get a certificate from a qualified authority. Alternatively, you can integrate LetsEncrypt and switch to HTTPS for free.

There are ways to secure your WordPress site too. A two-factor authentication system, an extra security plugin to block malicious attacks and regular maintenance can all help improve security and the safety of your customers’ information.

Offer the Right Payment Options

WooCommerce is an ecommerce plugin a lot of WordPress users choose to install for many reasons. One of those reasons is the fact that you can integrate any payment gateway you want with the ecommerce plugin easily. You can quickly add PayPal and credit card payments to the platform too.

Unless you have a totally secure server, however, the best approach would be to use a third-party payment gateway. Companies like MyPaymentSavvy are offering ways to accept credit cards, ACH and other payments. They will even accept payments for high-risk products such as electronic cigarettes.

The more payment options you can offer, the easier it will be for customers to make purchases. Converting visitors to customers will not be a problem at all.

Documentation Matters

We may not like reading Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy pages, but that doesn’t mean your online store doesn’t need these policies in place. Most customers actually take the time to review your policies before making a purchase. Make sure you have well-written policies posted on your ecommerce site.

You also need to provide warranties to a certain extent. A good money back guarantee and coverage for faulty products are among the things customers look for from an online store. With these policies in place, you will find taking your WordPress-based online store to success a lot easier to do. All you have to do now is start applying these tips.