Tech Through The Ages: What Does The Future Look Like?

Sometimes, its interesting to take a step back and look at technology through the ages. Incredibly fun to think about what old tech was like, and how it’s advanced over time. By doing this, you really get a sense of the different trends in the tech industry. It also lets you come to a few conclusions for the future of mainstream technology.

Remember this post – How Will We Communicate In The Future? Discussion of different ways in which we communicate now and how we might communicate in the future. This is a post which talks about future trends in the tech industry as a whole.

Artificial Intelligence Will Get Advanced…Quickly

AI is the talk of the tech town these days. Some of the best tech is kept under wraps and hidden from consumers. We can only speculate what is going on behind the scenes as companies are constantly developing their tech. You may have seen the videos of robots that can open doors by themselves or do backflips.

It’s clear AI will be big as we move to the future. We don’t see crazy robots in mainstream consumer markets – but the rise in AI products like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and all these other smart speakers or digital assistants – whatever you want to call them. So, even in the mainstream, AI is being pushed like crazy.

Things Will Get As Small, Tiny Small

If you go back to the first mobile phone, you’ll notice it was huge. Over time, technology advanced to the point where you can now slip a small phone in your pocket without it really bulging much at all. Today’s phones now can run for hours, take HD photos/videos, run full HD games, multitask with different apps, and so much more. In the palm of your hand.

Laser Light Technologies Inc is utilizing new ways of cutting shapes and really being able to make very small circuitry because of their laser tech. The health industry is taking advantage – the ability to create tiny hearing aids that can pop in your ear and be virtually invisible. Similarly – we could see tiny surgical cameras, giving surgeons better tools to improve the success rate of operations.

Imagine technology getting to the point where you can create gaming devices like the Xbox One, but they’re small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Take your games wherever you go – you won’t need a TV…it will project onto AR glasses or right on a contact lens.

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Everything You Own Will Get Smarter

Our tech is getting “smarter” – everything is turning into a smart device. We have smart fridges, smart toasters, even a smart toilet. It ties in with advances in artificial intelligence. AI helps these devices be even smarter. A smart device is essentially anything that connects and interact with other things. Example – a smart thermostat allows you to monitor and change the temperature in your home.

It’s already happening. Everything in the home will be connected and very useful. There is a smart trash can that can notify you via an app when it’s full and needs to be emptied – now we need it to send a text message to the robot to come and empty it.

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We’ll Live In A Virtual World and Soon a VR Work World

You’ve seen Wall-E, are we are headed to a path of full on virtual reality.We see it now in the video game world – but it is on a collision path with real life. A film called Ready Player One, set in the future, is people putting on virtual reality headsets and pretty much pass the time in a virtual world where they race cars and do loads of other crazy things.   When people use VR, your brain cannot tell the difference from it and real life.

Virtual reality headsets in the work place make a lot of sense.  Saving money by reducing the need for more office space and parking spots – people can enter a virtual office.  Unlimited conference rooms is a solid bonus.  You can see and interact with your coworkers without all the headaches of a real world office.  This will happen – VR and AR are destine for the office.