Tech Entrepreneurs Who Can Inspire Any Business Owner

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Entrepreneurship is something a lot of people forget to mention when we talk about the essential elements of an advancing society. But without entrepreneurs, where would we be? Many of the things you use and love on a daily basis were built by entrepreneurs who dared to go their own ways and fill gaps in the marketplace that no-one else had filled.

People who are in any way interested in making a big name for themselves in the tech industry should absolutely know the names of the following people. If you’re looking for entrepreneurial inspiration, it’s unlikely that you need to read much more than this!

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The student millionaires

These days, there are loads of students who have barely hit their twenties who have become millionaires through their tech ingenuity and programming know-how. The founders of Snapchat, Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown have become billionaires thanks to something they were developing for fun during a college project. College certainly seems to be a great place for this sort of brainstorming; young geniuses all crammed into the same space and working for hours seems to bring out the best in growing entrepreneurial minds!

The college dropouts

When people think of successful college dropouts, they usually think about Kanye West. After all, his classic debut album was called The College Dropout! But it’s not as if anyone would have that hard a time finding successful musicians who didn’t go to college. It doesn’t seem immediately essential to the work that you get a degree, right? Surely technology and entrepreneurship is a bit different?

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We could point to quite a few college dropouts who became big in the tech industry. Larry Ellison, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs are obvious ones. But surely the educational and tech landscapes have both changed too much since then for them to be held up as the best examples? Well, there are plenty of contemporaries who fit the bill. Arash Ferdowsi, the founder of DropBox, dropped out of college in 2007. The founder of the King Kong Digital Agency, Sabri Suby, did the same even more recently. And hey, Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of college to focus on Facebook full-time!

The investors and inventors

Many people might remember Sean Parker as the weird guy who was played by Justin Timberlake in the 2010 movie The Social Network. As that movie showed, he was instrumental in the founding and development of both Napster and Facebook. But this isn’t someone who has disappeared from the technological map and into obscurity: he helped fund Spotify and is still investing in innovative tech businesses across America. Even from the standpoint of an investor, you can make big splashes in this industry. The giants needn’t needn’t be inventors.

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But if we’re going to talk about influential tech inventors, then how can we ignore Elon Musk? Like his products or not, agree with his view or not: Musk is definitely worth getting some influence from. He’s one of the world’s most powerful people, and is currently engaged in some of the most important engineering, environmental, and transportation projects currently going.