Tech Hacks to Make Life Simpler

There is no doubt that technology has gone a long way towards making our lives easier. But there are also plenty of little annoyances involved in using devices of all kind. While we can’t pretend that we are going to be able to solve all your technological woes, what we can give you is a few hacks which are going to make things just a little bit simpler. So, let’s get started and talk you through just a few of them now.

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Extend the Battery of Your Smartphone

It is extremely frustrating when your smartphone runs out of battery just at the point when you need it the most. To start off with, there are a few basic tricks which can help to make a difference including turning off your Bluetooth and WiFi, shutting down background applications, and reducing screen brightness. You can also turn off lock screen notifications as these all play their part in draining your battery just a little bit every time.

Charge Your Phone Faster

When your phone does run out of battery, you will want to make sure that it charges up again as quickly as possible. The more straightforward way of doing this is simply by leaving the phone alone while it is charging. Every single time you hit the home screen, you are drawing power away to light up the screen. It can also help to put your phone onto airplane mode which will disable all the power-draining features. This will also play a part in reducing your temptation to pick it up every few minutes!

Boost Your WiFi Signal

If you find that you have to be right next to your router every time you want to use your devices, it sounds like you need to boost your WiFi signal. While there are plenty of devices available that promise to solve this issue, you could help boost the signal with a small piece of aluminium foil. Tear off a rectangular piece off the roll, fold down the edges to create a frame, and bend it into a curved shape behind the antennae. This should help to amplify your signals and increase your download speeds.

Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

They’re called keyboard shortcuts – the clue is in the name! But still, many people don’t know anything beyond the basic copy and paste functions. So, it is worth taking the time to learn just a couple more which should make your time on the internet so much easier. For example, if you have accidentally closed a tab that you didn’t mean to, simply hit Ctrl+⇧Shift+T (on Windows) and this will bring it back again. Have you ever thought how to find how to see previous copied items? Click on the link and you can find out.

Though there are many more that we could talk about, these are just a few time-saving hacks which should really give you a helping hand when using various bits of tech.