How Technology Has Helped To Bring Businesses Closer Together

The 21st Century is a wonderful time to be doing business. Every day brings new advances to allow your business to be working more efficiently, more cost-effectively, and more competitively. Technology allows your business to lower its overheads, leaving you more room to drive prices down in comparison to your competitors. Below are just a few of the big ways in which technology has helped business to move on from the bygone eras of handwritten letters.

Video Calls

With the advent of broadband and even fiber optic broadband, hosting video calls and video conferences has never been easier. In times of old, trying to video call another person meant huge satellite delays, bad quality images, and incredible amounts of lag. Of course, sometimes only a face to face meeting will suffice. In these instances you will need to work with a company like Air Charter Service to get you to your client as quickly as possible; thereby avoiding lengthy check-in times – or perhaps vice-versa.. But for most day to day needs, video calls will allow you to meet clients in something resembling face to face contact, and in minimal time.

Conference Calls

Similar to video calls, landline conference calls revolutionized business at the time of their invention, similar to how mobile phones changed the way we communicated. Being able to have people from multiple offices, all around the globe, talking to each other simultaneously, helped to speed up negotiations and discussions by a tremendous amount. The only downside, of course, is that without the visual cues of who is talking or about to talk, it can be very difficult for conversations to run smoothly. Many conference calls can take much longer than normal conversations due to people accidentally talking over each other or mistaking a pause for thought as the end of someone’s input to the proceedings. It can be useful to have a designated host who helps to organize who will talk and when.

Social Media

What list of technologies which have helped business would be complete without a tip of the hat to social media. Not only has it helped businesses reach the general public far easier than ever before, but it has allowed both businesses and individuals to network in a way that has never been possible before. LinkedIn has meant that professionals can communicate with other people working in their field, meaning that the staff of a business are the best source of contacts to facilitate business partnerships. Two relatively junior people who have connected via social media could be the foundations for the heads of their two respective companies meeting to discuss big plans.

There you have it, three simple ways in which technology changed the face of business forever. They may seem like simple inventions, but they have helped to form the bedrock of how many businesses today model their strategies and daily operating routines. What will be the next big invention that slots itself neatly into our daily business lives? Only time will tell. Till then we will just have to struggle through, blissfully unaware of how our lives will change next.