Technology in the Hiring Process

You can probably think about any traditional business process and figure out a way technology has or will change it. Sometimes it’s subtle, and technology is assisting traditional processes, in other cases, it flips the process entirely upside down. Even business processes that traditionally seem to be quite labor-intensive and would require a human touch can be flipped completely if the right technology and implementation come along. Let’s take one of those processes, hiring new staff, for example, and see how technology has changed that.

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First of all, the very way companies advertise and try to attract talent has completely changed. There are job boards that have far surpassed the classified listings in newspapers they have taken the baton over from. Technology has enabled us to search far and wide for the perfect job, using smart filters to find exactly what we want. In most cases, we can load up our resume once and apply for multiple jobs in a matter of minutes. You will rarely find individuals who will have ‘just’ send out 3 applications. Nowadays people will count their applications in the dozens, maybe even hundreds.

Machine Selection

This has the unwanted effect that companies are being overwhelmed with applications. Unless they are asking for something extremely specific (underwater welding anyone?), they are likely to be getting applications in the hundreds. Now, this is a problem as the goal is still to find the best candidate. And when you used to have to select the best one from 20, now you are looking at an avalanche of resumes, one even fuller than the other. Enter AI. With machine learning tools have been developed that can scour hundreds of resumes in a matter of seconds or at least a fraction of the time that it would have cost for a human to go through them all. The result will be pre-screened resumes (and loads of resumes being discarded, and perhaps sent a friendly rejection email) that the hiring professional can make a further selection on.


Once selected, there will be a point that the hiring professional will want to see the candidate. This usually involves an intricate dance of finding the right time slot and usually lots of traveling required from the candidate. Technology has now provided the option to make this easier. With excellent video and audio fidelity and the wide availability of highspeed broadband, having your interview is as easy as turning on your phone. And yes, this means that we can interview in lounge pants if we really want to. 


Once a candidate has jumped through the first hurdles, and the hiring professional is aiming for a real face-to-face, you can still get technology to help validate this choice. There are now plenty of online services that provide aptitude and personality tests. Depending on how much faith you put in those, a candidate can fill in a questionnaire remotely, providing the hiring professional with either validation or further areas to explore. Even for things such as background checks, usually quite a time-intensive and tedious tasks, you can use Checkr background check to take care of that.

So, there are plenty of smart things technology has brought to the hiring process, enabling hiring professionals to focus on getting the best candidate for the job, without being overwhelmed by administrative struggles.