The 6 Essential Ways to Market Your Updated Brand

A brand redevelopment can be an exciting time for the business, as it could generate a superb return on investment. If you want to showcase your new image to a target audience successfully, here are the six essentials ways to market your updated brand.

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Communicate with Your Customers



Before you launch a new look to the world, you must communicate with your current customers that you are planning to positively transform the brand, and that the change will not come at the expense of your existing services. Officially announce an upcoming brand redevelopment on your website’s blog, email newsletter, social media profiles, and press releases. Doing so will prevent frustration or confusion, and it could even build excitement ahead of the re-brand launch.

Redevelop Your Company Website



You need to do much more than change your logo when re-branding your business. The company will also need to change its website to complement the new design and tone of voice. However, you must ensure it continues to be aesthetically pleasing and offers easy navigation, and it should even be better to use than the old site. This will ensure you continue to provide ease of use and readability, which can increase your site’s conversion rate.

Apply the New Logo to Company Vehicles



Ensure every business vehicle adorns professional vinyl wraps on the re-brand launch day. This will allow your business to catch pedestrian and drivers’ attention immediately, so you can start generating an instant return on your investment. The more eye-catching and professional the design on your fleet of vehicles, the more likely people will want to learn more about your business and buy your goods and services.

Change Your Company Uniforms



If you run a customer-facing business, it is an intelligent decision to change the company uniforms to avoid brand confusion. The garments must, therefore, feature the new logo and the clothing colors should reflect the new image. You must also ensure your employees’ appearance and attitude reflects the brand. For example, you may want them to appear professional, friendly, and helpful.

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Update Social Media



Social media will provide the perfect forum to inform the world about your recent re-brand. You must, therefore, ensure every aspect of each profile represents your new image. So, you may want to delete unprofessional photos from your feed and update each page with your new logo, business photographs, and tone of voice. Also, you will want to publish the re-brand post at the right time and date to maximize your reach and increase your brand awareness.

Change Your Printed Materials



It is the little things you might easily overlook when re-branding your business, such as your printed materials. Maintain your professionalism and avoid mixed messages by ensuring you change important printed materials, which you might pass on to customers, clients, business associates, or suppliers. For example, you may need to update your company business cards, stationery, brochures, plus more.