The Biggest Ways Mobile Phones Have Effected Business

Source: Flickr
Source: Flickr

One of the biggest industry booms of the 21st Century has been that of the smartphone. Mobile phones had been around for years, but it wasn’t until the mid-2000’s they started taking off. We started to see touchscreen smartphones that revolutionised our lives. And that’s not being overly dramatic, it’s a fact. Smartphones have changed a lot in everyday life. But don’t think that it’s just trivial changes, because it’s not. Mobile phones have now had a large effect on the business world as well.

Instead of having a big phone in our pocket that makes calls, we now have a multimedia machine. Business owners can use their phones to conduct business while they’re out and about. They can set reminders for client meetings and chat with them over the phone. They can even video call clients from their mobiles if they have too. The mobile phone has become a personal planner for people in the business world.

Mobile Marketing

But it doesn’t stop there. Mobile devices have actually had a direct influence on certain marketing aspects of a business. Because of the huge amount of mobile users searching the internet, Google have made changes to their mobile search results. Your business now has to have a mobile-friendly site in order to appear high up in mobile search results. It’s a huge change to marketing campaigns as it now means you need to develop a mobile version of your website. The rise of smartphones has also led to a new form of marketing; mobile marketing. Companies can develop apps through which they can promote and market a business. You also have mobile advertisements for your business on various other mobile apps and webpages. It’s a whole new world for marketing experts to tap into.

Also, I touched on it above, but mobile apps have had a big impact in the business world. Mobile application development has become a business in its own right. People are earning a wage developing apps/games for mobile devices. Last year one of the hottest new apps on the market was Snapchat. Snapchat is now essentially a business that earns lots of money per year. It’s predicted Snapchat is worth around 1.9 billion!! All that money from a simple little app that someone developed!

Apps for Business

As I mentioned earlier, businesses are also making their own apps. Huge franchises and businesses are tapping into the mobile app market. App’s are a great marketing tool, but also present a way to make extra money. And as we all now, business success is measured in revenue. Common ways businesses can make money from apps are by charging a download fee or selling ad space on the application.

Mobile phones have changed a lot of things in business. It’s now widely agreed that to be successful, you can’t ignore the mobile market. The increase in smartphone production and use has led to a whole new business world based on ease of access and simplicity. Mobile phones have forced businesses to be more simple and commit to the mobile way of life.