The Evolution Of SEO

Evolution: The Origin of Species
Evolution: The Origin of Species (Photo credit: MeoplesMagazine)

SEO: Search Engine Optimization – The art (or magic) of getting ones site listed in the search engines atop the organic search.  I sit back and reflect when there were many search engines to optimize for.  Alta Vista, InfoSeek (which became Go), AOL, MSN, Excite, HotBot, Ask Jeeves, Lycos, All the Web, WebCrawler, Dogpile, Mamma and Yahoo, I think I got them all. Those were the good ol days.

Then it started the wicked web of who was feeding who, which engine merged with who.  Which engine folded, which engine was bought out.  Back then SEO was fun in the sense you had so many choices to optimize for.  If something did not work for one engine it might have worked for another.

Submitting to the search engines had to be done manually.  Meta KeyWords actually mattered.  Keyword stuffing was OK.  There was no Florida Update, Panda Or Penguin.  The life of an SEO was pretty easy and simple.  Create sites but in some keywords and see what happens.  If that did not work tweak and see what happens then.  It was fast and dirty.

Social media did not matter.  No one cared if you were an “authority” site.  Then it happened, a multi-colored sensation – Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green Red – GOOGLE.  It became a household name.  Like Xerox, and Band-Aid, you now are going to Google something which now mean do a search.   People would watch this engine grow and grow.

Google would make us watch it dance and update from Florida to Penguin to Panda.  The face of SEO would change and change in a big way.  Slowly the engines would disappear fading into the sunset.  Many of us wish there was more players in the game, one has emerged and sort of making little wave called Duck-Duck-Go.  Maybe this is the start of more engines to come.

SEO has changed in many ways now it is all about the user experience.  Well written content, link diversity, high quality content and to be an authority on your topic. It is all about the end user.  No more Google bombing, no more keyword stuffing, no more meta keywords, no more doorway pages you actually have to make a webpage that makes sense.  Many people have written articles about SEO being dead.  SEO is far from dead it is just evolving and SEO practitioners have to evolve with it.

SEO has changed from the old days but many new factors are still included, social media, content writing, link building authorship and many other factors to make SEO more “real”.

We all sit back and what for the next big thing but until that comes we have to wait for the next big update.  What will it be called, Polar Bear, Seagull or maybe they should go to wrestlers, The Hulk Hogan Update would be awesome.

SEO went from many engines to optimize for to optimizing for two Google and Bing.  Let’s see what the future brings.  My fingers are crossed

+ Stu Lieberman has been doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for over 15 years and has optimized sites from the top debt consolidation companies to large ecommerce sites.   Stu takes pride in his SEO work and is always atop the latest trends in the SEO and internet marketing world.

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