The good kind of Fail

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Some say the only kind of fail that is bad, is to not fail at all.  I had saved this post from unstructuredadventures for a while – and now seems like a great time to pull it out.  It’s called “How to fail: 25 secrets learned through failure” and it is GOOD!

As I was reading, I really wanted to put them all down in my highlights…but I settled on these.  They are my favorites considering the current climate I work in.  But they may be different for you, Taylor Davidson is the author and he kind of puts up the “normal” analogy and then tells you what we should be looking at “instead”.

5. Solve your problems.
Instead: Solve their problems.

Tom’s comment:  How true.  How many times are we looking to fix our issue or increase our revenue.  That will last only as long as WE want it to.  When we give up passion – the idea will wither.

6. Focus on the long-term.
Instead: Focus on the short-term.

Tom’s comment:  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve built a process/data manipulation/system which took longer to build than the project actually lasted.  It gets you down.

7. Build prototypes, mockups and samples.
Instead: Start building in a format and medium as close to the finished product as possible, and iterate, iterate, iterate.

Tom’s comment:  Guilty as charged.  :)

15. “We can build a successful business by capturing just X% of the market.”
Instead: Sell to one customer. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Tom’s comment:  How many times are decisions made for a huge group.  If we went out and solved an issue for one mom, student or business owner – then repeated.  How would that change the outcome?

19. Hire resumes.
Instead: Hire people: curiosity, passion, interpersonal skills and drive.

Tom’s comment:  I’m a gut feel kind of guy.  So this is a no-brainer to me, the smartest person who cannot function on a team will ruin us all.

22. Meet to discuss.
Instead: Meet to decide.

Tom’s comment:  This hit me like a ton of bricks.  Wow, how many times have I facilitated a meeting which resulted in discussion – when it could have been decision!

Please take a look at the full post, there are 19 more which are as good as these.  If you have more – please share.

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