The importance of fresh website content for Google searches

The definition of fresh content

According to Search Engine Land, content is king, which is certainly something that Google focuses on when indexing websites. Fresh content provides “real value, something of substance to visitors that is unique, different and useful that they won’t find elsewhere”.

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If you think about it, quality content is something that you won’t stumble upon countless similar websites, but a text that comes with a different approach, one that matches user intent and is relevant to the topic which is discussed on a specific website or page. It is important to keep in mind that content is what will drive visitors to your website, which will only happen only if it is created with the actual user’s needs in mind.

The useful information they find online is what will turn visitors into leads and then into paying customers. Plagiarizing content is certainly not an option, especially not these days when content is analyzed from many points of view, its level of originality being just one of them.

The importance of content for ranking a website in Google

Fresh content is essential for any website due to a number of reasons. Here is why you should always invest your resources in creating original content for your pages, content that is directly associated with your brand, products, and services:

  1. It helps increase the ranking of the website – according to Search Engine Land when Google notices that there is a search term that has become popular, the websites that have posted new content built on this topic will get a boost on search engine results pages, which proves that this kind of effort is definitely going to be worth it sooner rather than later.
  2. Visitors’ value fresh content – it is not only a matter of creating content for the people that are already regular visitors of your website, but also for anyone that might be landing on one of your pages for the first time. If the content is new and it does not resemble what they have seen on other pages, they will surely appreciate it and return.
  3. The site gets indexed if fresh content is added – this is definitely the kind of effort that is worth your while because this is how search engine optimization works; it’s based on search engine algorithms and the fact that they like fresh content.
  4. Builds website authority – the more you publish new content on your website, the higher the level of authority. Of course, this does not mean that your website will reach the top just because of fresh content, but rather due to a combination of factors, including the fact that the text is new.
  5. Offers the possibility to use more keywords – which can be critical for SEO purposes as you don’t have to limit yourself to trying to rank only for a few keywords. When posting fresh content, you have a new opportunity to reach the top of SERPs.
  6. Improves the online reputation of the website – a website that does not publish content regularly will lose its relevance sooner than you might think; by continuing to offer value to users with the fresh content, the reputation of the website will get from good to great.

Although you might believe that anyone can write fresh content without too much effort, the truth is that there are certain principles that should be followed to ensure that after being published it will help website owners get one step closer to reaching their goals. Once you manage to understand what these principles are and how you can write new content, it will be easier to manage to benefit from the desired results, especially from an SEO point of view.

Fresh content has to be written for real users, which means that you need to consider their needs when designing it. It is not only a matter of offering them any sort of information but details, tips, advice, facts that will help them have a better understanding of a specific topic and get all of their questions answered. This usually happens when relying on an in-depth approach, but not necessarily.

Fresh content should be planned on well research keywords. According Search Engine Land, “Perhaps the most important SEO factor after creating good content is good keyword research.” What you should focus on is creating content that is based on the keywords people are actually using when they want to learn new information about a specific topic. This way, you don’t put all that effort into content that will not be read by too many individuals.

Fresh content has to be relevant for your website, which means that a detailed analysis of the website and of the business market should be done before you start writing. Although you may consider that you know enough about a topic, this does not mean that you should just go ahead and write the text without finding out if there is anything else you might need to know. Nevertheless, when creating content with the purpose of helping implement a long term SEO strategy, the text should be built according to the information found on your website, for the best possible results.

Content is outmost important for any SEO strategy

Fresh, original, relevant content is essential for improving a website’s ranking because Google focuses not only on quality content but also on the factors mentioned earlier. This part is important for SEO efforts, as well as organic searches which usually lead to a website if the right keywords have been chosen and the content offers real value to the reader. Every professional SEO agency should consider the importance of fresh content. Regardless if you search to hire such a team or want to take action that will lead to top rankings on the first search engine results pages, fresh content is a necessity. Do not ignore to publish the content that will drive the expected results by focusing on building it around keywords that match user content.