The Importance of Web Statistics

The Importance of Web Statistics

When you buy your web hosting package, you will get server space on which to store your website’s files, and you will also get a bandwidth allocation and the customer support of the company owning the hosting. Most people recognize these things and use them to their fullest as they should. However what often gets forgotten is some of the other things on the control panel when you go online. In particular, what gets forgotten is the web stats that most hosting companies come with. Or perhaps you do check our web stats and get a kick out of seeing your site gradually become more popular (or watch desperately and helplessly as visitors gradually plummet).

Using The Web Statistics Effectively

Whatever the case, there is a large chance that you could be using your web statistics more effectively, and that you could stand to benefit from paying closer attention to them and what they tell you about your site. In fact even if you don’t have web stats with your hosting package, you should still seek them out, whether this is through Google Analytics or another service.

Why are they so important? Well yes they do of course let you know how successful your website is, and this in turn will be what you use in order to sell your site if you ever decide to part ways, or if you ever want to try and sell advertising space.

What Can You Find Out?

More important though is how it is popular – which pages are popular, how are people finding them, and what does this tell you about your market and your current business strategy? You can use this information to guide you in a range of decisions and to generally improve your site’s visibility and custom. For instance, if you should pay for an advert on another site, then your web stats will allow you to see how many people found your website by clicking on that link. If this number is very high, then you might decide to renew that contract and to pay for another year – and to probably find other similar deals as well. On the other hand though, if you find your ad isn’t generating any visitors, but that you are getting lots of visitors through social networks, then you might decide to funnel more money into that area.

Expect More From Your Statistics Program

Similarly you can also see how many people visit your website via Google – and even more specifically you should be able to see the search terms used there. For many people, SEO or ‘Search Engine Optimization’ is the number one way to market their site online. Thus it is very important to see whether your efforts are working and where they are working. And again you can tailor your SEO strategy based on what people are using to find your site. If lots of people are getting to your site by searching for a particular question, then you would be wise to dedicate some time toward writing more articles aiming at answering that question.

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