The new divide: Walled v. open

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I have not been paying a lot of attention to Jeff Jarvis lately – but his recent post hit home.  Maybe it was the friendly objection via a co-workers tweet to my re-tweet, but either way – this is a good read.

Here are a few of the better quotes IMO:

The momentum is toward including ever more data. But now come Murdoch and Microsoft, threatening to take their balls and go home.

But I would hate to see walls go up just as we are tearing them down.

Rusbridger reminds us that advertising freed newspapers from ownership and control by political parties and special interests who exercised that control via patronage. Advertising gave journalism independence. Advertising also subsidized news and reduced its cost so more people could get it.

There are many more – check it out, and good news.  It’s free to read and free to be commented on!  :)

The new divide: Walled v. open

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