The Organic Search Benefits to Social Media {Infographic}

Social media activity may help improve your general popularity, but can it also help with your placement on search engine giant Google? A study and infographic by search engine marketing company TastyPlacement suggests that such activity can boost your Google rankings and give benefits to social media campains.

TastyPlacement’s research involved a study of six websites located in six U.S. cities. Five of the sites used different types of social media promotion while the sixth site acted a test control with no social networking activity. The results of the test were clear with four of the active sites showing significant improvement in search engine position. Only one website that involved recruiting Twitter followers saw a drop in Google ranking. While this is only one study, it does support what many other SEO experts have been saying, i.e. that social media plays an important role in search engine optimization. The test also gives web marketers guidance in the types of activities that work most effectively.

The test control website experienced no significant change in search engine results placement, so the study did seem to suggest that social media activity does help. Interestingly, the most effective type of social networking involved the search engine’s own platform, the Google+ website. The test showed a 14.63% rise for the site that secured 100 Google+ followers for its business page. The second most effective site was the one that got 300 Google Plus-One homepage votes. The only social media activity that resulted in a drop in Google search placement was recruitment of Twitter followers. The site that secured 1000 Twitter followers experienced a 1.22% fall in its search position. Overall, the results seem to suggest that social networking does help although the specific type of activity can determine the effectiveness of results.

The original study underlying this social medial Infographic was done by digital design and Austin SEO company TastyPlacement.