The Retailer’s Guide To ECommerce Success

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Competition is fierce in the retail industry. With multi channel retail, the rise of online shopping and the world economies taking a hit, you need that X factor to really stand out to your customers.

Right now eCommerce is huge, and it looks set to continue to grow. There is no easier way to open up your business to a global audience and join the worldwide shop front that is online retail. But succeeding in this space is tough. There are pitfalls and setbacks galore ahead, so listen up and heed our words. Here’s some solid advice for you, the retailer, and hopefully guide you to eCommerce success!

  1. Be Brand-Aware

    Having a strong brand is important. This is how your customers will come to recognise you and the quality service you provide. Neglecting to pay attention to your branding – whether it’s your logo, site design or the stamp you use on your delivery boxes – can damage your credibility and hurt sales.

  2. Get An ‘Edge’

    Do you know how many eCommerce sites there are out there? No, neither do I, but there’s a lot, and they’re all vying for the attention of click-happy shoppers everywhere. If you want to stand out and get the business you want you need to find your niche. What makes your site and service special? What can you offer that no one else can? Have a think, work hard at it, and eventually you will find your unique selling point.

  3. Be User Friendly

    If you look at popular sites that are built on eCommerce (see Amazon, Ebay and Asos) it’s what you don’t notice that counts. The loading speed? The payment systems? The presentation? These all affect the user and can stand in the way of an optimum shopping experience. Be like these three juggernauts: keep it clean, keep it clear, and always keep your user in mind when designing you site.

  4. Reward Your Customers

    It is important to appreciate the business when you get it, no matter how big you get. Be sure to reward your customers with deals, sales and competitions to make sure they feel loved! These techniques are also great ways to attract new customers to your site.

  5. Use Social Media

    To ignore social media as an online business is to ignore a useful, boundless source on information and interaction with your consumer base. Twitter and Facebook can be great for searching out business and attracting followers. It can be used as a soundboard to see what your community really want. And it can also be used to launch competitions, answer questions and complaints and generally improve your digital footprint.

Follow these tips and you’ll be a sure-fire hit in the digital marketplace. So get designing, get your eCommerce software set up, and get your products out there.

Have you got any other suggestions to guarantee your eCommerce business success? Share in the comments below.

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Grant Bailey is a writer for K3 Retail. His specialist areas are social media and marketing, both indispensable tools in the modern retailing.