The World at My Fingertips in the Comfort of My Home

I spent many years in corporate America building a business not for myself but for others. I gave my time, my talents, and my strongest efforts and got very little in return. There were times when the commitment between my job and me seemed greater than the commitment between my family and myself, but for the sake of survival, or what I believed to be, I stayed with it.

I focused all my concentration on the prize at the end of the road which was future retirement, a pension, and enough to live on comfortable when it was all done. However, after a while I began to realize that what I was doing was selling my life for a small sense of satisfaction called a paycheck. My kids were growing up, my wife was constantly by herself or involved in her own set of endeavors. I was missing the importance of life and that is family.

We enrich and make rich individuals that some of us have only seen pass through the office on special visits or appearances but have never even had a cup of coffee with. This is the America way but it’s not the American dream.

Years ago I heard someone say that the common push of education is to teach most students how to work for someone else, but the encouragement of entrepreneurship is to build your own. One day this philosophical ideology kicked in and hit me like a bag of bricks. At that moment, I realized the time had come for me to do my own thing and ultimately control my own destiny.

Most of us will spend a lifetime catering to the success and prosperity of others. However, time is something we have failed to understand the value of because our time is dissolved by the work we do and the clock we keep. William Faulkner said “Clocks slay time… time is dead as long as it is being clicked off by little wheels; only when the clock stops does time come to life”.

As it is with piano chords for beginners, once I finally understand them and can make them happen I realize that I’m closer to playing my own song.

So I journeyed into the only business I knew could give me what I wanted and what I needed at the same time, which is becoming an Internet Entrepreneur. It gave me the freedom to live and work when and where I please. It allowed me the pleasure of traveling while still maintaining my online business and other endeavors at the same time.

With the new adventure I touched people all over the world. I saved money and took my business into corners of the world that I could only imagine before. I had globalization at my fingers 24 hours a day. Oh and I prospered in it as well.

7 Benefits for Becoming an Internet Entrepreneur

  • You can save money and make money at the same time
  • You will have minimum start up cost
  • Your site will work for you 24 hours a day
  • You will be able to spend more time with your family
  • You will expand your customer base to a worldwide level
  • You will be able to operate your business anywhere at anytime
  • You will have earning potential beyond your wildest dreams

Remember it is important to understand that in the developmental process of any business there will be unforeseen occurrences; this can be particularly true in the development of an internet business. The ability to avoid extensive amounts of these issues can be alleviated through the implementation of a well planned approach. In an effort to position your company or idea toward the most effective method of internet business development, strategic planning and analyses is a must. Think it, plan it, but don’t wait to do it.

About the Author

James Martell, is a renowned speaker and author and publisher. He is a leading expert in affiliate marketing, search engine optimization and outsourcing. In addition he is the first and longest running podcast the-Buzz (2003). He is a loving husband and father living in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. He has a growing desire to learn how to play the piano. What’s next is yet to be seen.