Three Clear Signs Your Outdated Website is Holding You Back

If your business is a few years old and your website hasn’t changed since you first launched, now might be a good time to assess whether your website is holding your business back. But how do you know? These tips will help you work out if you need to update your site or start from scratch with a new one. 

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Your Website is Not Mobile Friendly

If your website does not adjust its layout and size to suit different screens, your website is holding you back in this day and age. While mobile may not have been a necessary feature when you first built your site, things are changing fast: nowadays, up to 70 per cent on average of all web browsing is done via mobile devices. If you haven’t checked out what your site looks like on an iPhone screen, now is the time to do so. And if you can’t read the text or see the pictures clearly, don’t panic. Just start taking steps to make your site mobile-friendly, and pronto. 

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You Never Update Your Site

If you stopped updating your site with new content long ago, not only do you risk developing website shame (see below) but your search engine optimization will suffer. If you don’t feel the need to update your website because you’re happy with a site that appears static to customers, remember: Google is always watching.  To work out where you rank in their search, one of the things Google does is check the timestamp of your site to see when it was last updated and refreshed. Fresh, active sites rise to the top while old or forgotten sites get knocked down the ladder. If you’re happy with your website and you see no need to update the pages, consider adding a blog. Blogging is SEO magic, full stop. Not only will your blog show Google that you’re hard at work, but you’ll please your customers by offering interesting, informative content.

You Suffer from Website Shame

Your business website should be like a window display at the front of a shop, enticing the public to come in. If you avoid sending out links to your website because you know it looks dated, you could be losing out on business by sending the message that your business is not using tech to your advantage. Business owners develop website shame for many reasons. Perhaps your content is stale and dated. Maybe the image quality is bad. Whatever the reason, your website is holding you back. And if you keep putting off an update because deep down you hate the whole thing, consider starting afresh. And if it makes you feel any better, building a new website might be easier now than when you built yours. There is no shame in using templates!

Even if your website was the height of modernity a few years ago when you launched your business, the rate things progress on the Internet means your site could seem like a dinosaur now. If your website is showing these three signs, it is holding your business back.