Time to create ads in HTML5

Yesterday I was asked, “Should our company make the switch from creating ads in Flash to HTML5.

If it were my decision, I would be offering both; educating your clients and letting them decide. Statistics show that unsupported browsers are still a majority, but it depends on what your clients want or will be wanting in the future and their target audience.

Though 70% of the traffic on thegazette.com is from browsers that don’t support HTML5, I would think that the other 30% will be from higher end consumers your client wish to target.

You will need a portfolio of HTML5 ads for future clients and you will need the skill set. Provide your clients the option between the HTML5 or Flash, but only provide both as an option while charging double for the creative. Let them know that Flash could be phased out and is not supported on some mobile devices. Educate the client, offer the service and let them decide.

HTML5 has alternate rendering when it’s not supported. I would provide an alternate HTML/CSS for the unsupported browsers (IE and Firefox). Even Adobe with their Edge software is gearing up for HTML5 because the ad industry is already moving this direction. When they release it, the adoption will be even faster. Mobile use it growing daily.

So if you are not already doing so, develop your skill set now even if you’re not using it today, because you will soon. Have the portfolio ready.

Sencha Animator software builds HTML5 ads instead of Flash.

See this comparison and how HTML5 degrades the ads for browsers not supporting HTML5:

HTML5 Unsupported Browsers on thegazette.com 70%
IE 51.05%
Ffx 16.77%
Moz 2.17%

Supported Browsers 30%
Safari 13.43%
Chrome 10.96%
Android  4.73%

By Matt Thiessen @stillatmylinux