Tips to Turn Your Visitors into Clients

It’s great when you’ve set up a website and the numbers of people paying your little place on the web a visit start to grow, but it’s less gratifying when those numbers don’t translate into an increase in business.

The whole point of having a business website is to grow your client base and make money, and when that doesn’t happen, it can feel like all your hard work has been for naught. It’s a terrible feeling for sure, but it’s a feeling that you can eliminate by putting the following tips for turning visitors into clients into action…

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Add a Live Chat Function

If you don’t already offer your visitors the opportunity to live chat with your or some of your employees, you’re missing a real opportunity to convert them from visitors into clients. The most popular web designs made for law firms, clothing stores and ISP’s all offer live chat functions, and they do this because it works. Visitors love being able to ask questions to a real person and have them answered immediately. If you can talk to them in the moment, you are much more likely to persuade them that becoming a client of yours is a good idea. If they have to wait for an email reply, chances are they might go somewhere else, where the information is more forthcoming.

Offer Freebies

You might be thinking that offering freebies to your website visitors will do nothing more than put you out of pocket, but that’s not so. The kind of freebies I’m talking about are free credit reports, informational eBooks, and other digital goods. These can be created at little cost to you, but when they are downloaded by visitors, they will demonstrate your knowledge in your chosen field, giving them a greater incentive to become a client now or in the future.

Include Testimonials

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A lot of business neglect to include testimonials on their website because they think they’re clichéd or that the client won’t pay attention to reviews on their own site, thinking that there’s a good chance they’ll be phony. But, all signs point to the fact that genuine testimonials work.

Consumers like to know what other people think about the products and services they’re interested in; they like to be a part of the crowd, and they’re much more likely to buy if they see honest reviews they can trust. If you’re able to get genuine reviews from your clients, do so and do put a selection of them up (not just the five stars ones) and you will be pleasantly surprised by the difference it makes.

If you don’t already have a business logo on your website, now is the time to create one. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fashion brand, finance company or b2b marketing operation, a logo will show potential clients that you’re a professional outfit, and it will give them a little more confidence to go ahead and contact you or make a purchase.

Include Videos

Including videos on your business website is a great way of better connecting with your visitors. If you are selling a product, creating videos that demonstrates them, so that customers know what they will be getting is a good idea. If, however, you’re selling services, take the time to introduce yourself, talk a little bit about what you do, and if you can, interview a past client about their experience. The more information your visitors have about your business, and the more mediums they’re able to check you out in, the more likely your website is to lead to conversions.

Offer Limited Discounts

Offering visitors to your website a limited discount is something that can prove highly effective in turning your visitors into clients. It is something that sites like Groupon do incredibly well. And something which you should try to imitate if you want visitors to make the leap and get in touch. The fact that the offer is limited will push the undecided into action, providing that the discount is significant enough to interest them, and although you will take a hit, this should lead to more repeat business and a better financial future for you and your business.

If you incorporate all of the above ideas into your business website, there is no way that you won’t see an increase in the number of visitors who become clients. When that happens, do your best to satisfy them, and they’ll start spreading the word so that your visitor count climbs ever higher!