Title Character Count – FAQ

The title tag is an HTML tag which is located in <HEAD> section of the HTML page.

Title Tag Example:

  <title>This is the example of the title tag...</title>

Title Tag Best Practices:

Officially – 70 characters or less.  Why?  Because of SEO.  It comes down to 70 characters because it is “essentially” what Google uses and has become an for an unwritten  standard for SEO types.

Example from Google of a tile tag.
Example from Google of a tile tag.

Title Tags Do’s:

  • Do make sure your keyword is in the title tag.  This is important…do not miss this step, ultimately important for SEO.
  • Keyword position – some will argue it must be at the from of the title, we feel you do what works.  One thing that works is SEO Mofo’s SERP tool – check it out and put the keyword where is works best.

What does it do?

Outside of the essential HTML tags, the title tag is the key tag in a webpage.  From the SEO perspective, it is the most important HTML tag.  You will find the <title> tag appear in two places:

Example of a title tag on the browser tab.
Example of a title tag on the browser tab.
  • Browser:
    Title Tags show up in both the top of a browsers chrome and in applicable tabs.
  • Search Result Pages:
    Title tags also show up in search engine results.
  • Note:
    Sometimes other websites will index or “store” websites title tags.  These sites may be involved in SEO or archiving, and they may also use the content between the title tags.
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